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Windham Selectman Heath Partington Picks Forensic Auditor Who Hates Forensic Election Audits!


It seems that both Heath Partington and Mark Lindeman (Co-Director, Verified Voting), who the Windham Selectmen picked to do the “Windham Incident” Forensic Audit on the November 3 electoral results, both hate forensic electoral audits.

Go figure!

Ken Eyring had removed Lindeman from his “who should be picked” forensic audit list this Friday past for….wait….wait for it….not meeting Ken’s standards for objectivity, transparency, and real expertise as well a conflict of interest as mentioned in his Friday post here.

I’ve known Ken for over a decade – he is one of the smartest, one of the coolest, one of the most reserved, one of the thoughtful men I know. AND he’s Wicked SMAHT, too. If he has tossed something or someone from consideration, it is only because he has done his due diligence in a very serious way.

So, in my mind, it seems that there is a Big Problem Brewing – as in “fox guarding the henhouse” mashed up with the “Greek soldiers piling out of the Trojan Horse and sacking the City of Troy.”

The other oft-quoted phrase is “in the tank” and that, like many times in politics, “in the bag.” The Selectmens’ votes last night:

  • Bruce Breton – voted for Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (Bruce’s Op-Ed on the ‘Grok is here)
  • Chair Ross McLeod – Mark Lindeman, Verified Voting
  • Vice-Chair Heath Partington – Mark Lindeman, Verified Voting
  • Roger Hohenberger – Mark Lindeman, Verified Voting
  • Jen Simmons – a no-show when the pressure was on. She was, according to our sources,  given a special Zoom invite to participate. No show, no Zoom. I have been told that when the political heat is on, she follows that adage and lams it out of the kitchen.

Now, we have MUCH more coming from last night – plus some other stuff that has already been sent to us. Lies, thieves, and “larceny in their hearts” type stuff. So we’re lining up the Big Flashlights, folks.

Did you know that the Windham Selectmen have a very condescending view of the voters that put them into those selectmen seats?  Here’s a partial from Lumberjack Logic:



Note who he mentions by name: Chair Ross McLeod.  Consider this a mere appetizer, folks – we have more coming!

Also, if you wish to make your thoughts known to the Selectmen, here’s the contact info:

  • Windham Board of Selectman Chairman McLeod (a real joy to listen to) and the other 4 Selectmen via this email address:
  • The Windham Town Hall phone number is: 603-965-1200, Ext 1

Be nice about it (and your definition of nice is as your Momma taught you). You see, we’re going after the “death threats” that Ken talked about here – we’re looking for the receipts (and we’ve got one already). Don’t need anymore. While politics in NH can often be a bloodsport, we’re NOT looking for that kind of blood.

Oh, one other thing – I almost forgot. This was sent to me by a few people, including our sources close to this battleground.

Sidenote – it’s also on our Telegram Group as well – btw, JOIN IT!

So, Mark Lindeman isn’t exactly the “non-partisan” that he made himself out to be:

Brennan Center Verified Voting Mark Lindeman Letter to Arizona State Senate on Forensic Audit Letter 1
Brennan Center Verified Voting Mark Lindeman Letter to Arizona State Senate on Forensic Audit Letter 2

I know it is a bit small and a bit fuzzy. The telegram file link is here for a better look. That said, Lindeman is the third signature from the top.

NOW, here’s MY problem with this – the Leftmost logo (in more ways than one!) is the Brennan Center. My short story is that I’m on a bunch of national-level Democrat email lists – and yes, they can be swamped as they can each send out two, three, or more emails a day.

And of course, their big dealie-do is “Voter Suppression” – the election integrity laws that say “let’s make sure you are actually you,” making sure that absentee votes are from the actual absentees, and the like (another post on my list to do). Anyways, they’ve been wailing about how the number of laws passed by those EVIL Republicans keeps going up.

So, I keep emailing back: “Er, where are all of these being collected.” After being ignored lots of times, I finally got an answer.

The Brennan Center, which I knew to be a rather Leftist think tank. Nuff’ said. So we know now what’s going on.

In the tank, In the bag, the Rubes won’t figure it out until it’s too late.