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Will You Let The Public Schools Teach Your Child That They Are Evil?

Schools as Institutional racism

Will your child be taught that they are evil in school? It sure looks that way. Racism has been accurately described as evil. Throughout history, we have examples of how racist ideology has resulted in slavery, oppression, and prejudice. There is no other way to describe it.

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So, what happens if your child is told that they are inherently racist and, because of their skin color; that they are oppressors? They cannot debate this, and you will be shouted down if you dare to question or object. That’s what is happening in classes across America, including New Hampshire.

In this interview with Dan Richards, a parent who resides in SAU 70, he dared to challenge this narrative. Because he understands that CRT is divisive and promotes hatred between the races, as a responsible parent, he could see the damage this could do to children.



CRT does not promote compassion, acceptance, and kindness towards others. It’s a dogma of psychological warfare on children.

That is why parents across the state are beginning to question this theory in the classroom and support legislation to stop it.

Many parents are nurturing their children, and we can see that they are some of the most accepting and tolerant people in the younger generations. But that’s not good enough for the race-baiters who are out to weaponize race against children.

HB544 is legislation in New Hampshire that defines divisive concepts and then limits that kind of indoctrination in the classroom. Why should taxpayers fund any racist indoctrination, whether it comes from the KKK or CRT apologists?

It’s time to call these people out for what they are doing and stop using our children in this psychological experiment.

Charles Barkley took the bold step to address the political movement to get people to hate each other.



“Barkley used the opportunity to excoriate politicians whom he says deliberately sow seeds of racial discord.

“I think most White people and Black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up where our politicians — whether they are Republicans or Democrats — are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp on money and power. They divide and conquer,” Barkley said.”

Dr. Gary Thompson, a retired Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Special Education Advocate, recently described Critical Race Theory as an agenda. Using his expertise and life experience as a black man growing up in America, he describes to the audience the damaging impact of CRT.

When a Black Child Psychologist warns of a particular movement such as CRT, it’s worth thoughtful consideration.

Parents are now fighting back in New Hampshire. They have had enough of this agenda to pit us against each other by race. Parents have started a petition to stop this divisive agenda and support legislation that would prevent their tax dollars from being used in this way.

Those fighting CRT are not trying to stop history from being taught. They are not trying to stop teachers from teaching about slavery or racism. They are not trying to silence academic content in history that needs to be taught.

What they are trying to stop is this agenda of hatred and division. The people peddling CRT are making a lot of money from their books and speaking fees. There is money to be made when school administrators buy into this agenda. Don’t be fooled for a minute that they care about unity. They are receiving a huge windfall by selling CRT.

Public ed should not be the vehicle for a political agenda of division and hate. It should be the vehicle for literacy and supporting community values such as kindness, honesty, virtue, and acceptance.

Teach history with all of the ugliness that happened so that we do not repeat past mistakes. But also teach how blacks and whites moved this nation to one that removed the shackles, recognized voting rights, and where a black man was elected president of this great nation.

Listen to the stories from those who suffered under racist ideology; they need to be told. But our kids also need to be told that people of all races have worked together and used our founding documents to overcome those injustices.

The race-baiters should not be shaming children for the color of their skin. CRT does not help children to understand racism. It ties their character traits and behaviors to ethnicity.

CRT rejects individuality and ignores the great civil rights leaders in our history like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. CRT is racist in its approach because it forces you to assess racial prejudices in individuals according to their ethnicity. That is the definition of promoting racism, and that’s exactly what CRT aims to do.

One person posted about CRT:
“An ideology that is fundamentally racist cannot, by definition, help us to understand racism.”

So, what is their end goal? To make a boatload of money off of this agenda? To further divide us instead of unifying us? To reject the notion of peace and justice? Or all of that?

Keep in mind that public schools are providing massive amounts of data collection on your children. If they are labeled as inherently racist based on the color of their skin and include that data in their school records without any evidence, what will happen to that child in the future? What kind of message does that give to a child who may exhibit kind, thoughtful, and accepting behavior? Do you follow your child’s data? Do you even know what’s collected and shared without your knowledge or consent?

Parents would be wise to stop this psychological experiment in its tracks. Your child shouldn’t be used in this psychological game, and those who are willing to play it should never be in charge of educating children again.


Ann Marie Banfield is an advocate for parental rights and academic excellence in education.

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