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Read Between the Lines on ‘Eversource Plan’ to Add More EV Charging Stations in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Progressive Radio (NHPR) has this cute little piece about a regional utility deciding to join a National Vehicle Charging Network. There are not enough Electric Vehicle Charging Stations around these parts, and they mean to fix it. But who pays? You guessed it!

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You do, even if you do not own nor ever plan to own an electric vehicle (EV). But they never say that. Not directly.

And no one mentions how poor policy across the northeast or in New Hampshire makes electricity artificially expensive, which (Gasp!) might be part of the reason people don’t buy that many EV’s.

Their chief concern is something called “range anxiety.” “[R]emoving the planning and stress that would be needed now to drive an EV from, say, New Hampshire to Florida.”

New Hampshire is not the only place where there are not enough charging stations (if you think that’s an actual problem), and this troubles Big Power in their quest to appeal to the boutique novelty (mostly well-to-do) motorists pining to use EV’s to cover greater distances. I guess they want more people to witness their virtue signaling.

Whatever the green psychosis, the plan is to make you pay for it without saying that.


New Hampshire and other states have millions of dollars already earmarked for EV investments through their cuts of the Volkswagen emissions-tampering settlement. And President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan includes $174 billion for electric vehicle projects.


The tampering settlement money is one thing, and I’m not familiar enough with the case to remark on that, but the 174 billion in taxpayer money is yours – or, more accurately, yours with interest your descendants will be paying for generations (assuming you are allowed to have any).

If that’s not offensive enough for the Lefties, imagine if Trump added 174 billion for more gas stations (to the debt) after being lobbied by oil executives who paid for their political activism by taking mandatory “dues” out of their employee’s paychecks every month (see what I did there?).

The other baited hook follows…

If we’re going to spend all those tax dollars on charging stations, maybe we need to spend additional tax dollars to get more people to buy cars that need them. Here you go!


“Advocates say more state incentives for buying EVs could help that grow, as will auto-makers plans to offer many more EV models in the coming years.”


We need tax dollars to build charging stations and tax dollars to get people to buy cars that use them so we can watch electric rates go even higher, probably to the point where people can’t afford to charge up the taxpayer incentivized car at the taxpayer incentivized charging station.

It’s a supply and demand thing coupled with the LEftist demand that we make all of this unaffordable.

The government solution to that government-created problem is?

It’s tax rebates to EV drivers to offset the high cost of driving those cars, all to reduce a trace gas that can’t possibly cause the problems for which all this taxpayer-supported infrastructure was incentivized.

Is this where I remind people that EV’s are still worse for the environment?


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