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A Career Progressive Brings Bad News – There is no ‘Green’ in Electric Vehicles

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One of the keystones of the green energy fantasy has been to shift transportation away from combustion to electric-powered vehicles. We’ve been pointing out for over a decade that they are playing a joke on you. Not only are they not the solution, but they are also another dirty, nasty, un-green lie.

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EV’s are quieter and that “sounds” good but not to the people who can’t hear them coming. Everything else about them is misleading or dishonest. 

Batteries need to be charged with something, and anyone with a basic grasp of the issue that is not a stakeholder knows dirty-green wind and solar could never provide the power to keep them charged—not on any large scale, not even downscaled. So, electric cars must be charged with fossil fuel energy and always will.

Some folks will say, well, someday. No, that’s not how this works. We’re doomed now, and so is the clean image of battery-powered vehicles thanks to filmmaker Michael Moore. Yeah, that guy.

From a review of the Movie

The film giddily eviscerates the electric car, revealing that what makes the rechargeable batteries in electric cars possible is none other than pure carbon (obtained from smelting coal) and that most of the grid power that charges those car batteries comes from burning fossil fuels. Again, this isn’t news if you’ve been paying attention. In the film, the revelation that coal powers most electric vehicles happens – embarrassingly – at the rollout of the Chevy Volt, GM’s first plug-in hybrid car. Curious journalists are then given a tour of a local solar field, during which the guide reveals that this football-field-sized solar facility produces enough electricity serve … eight customers.

The mining process for the minerals is nasty. The transportation carbon-footprint to move those materials for production is vast. The manufacturing process for batteries is enormously dirty. Transporting finished products to vehicle manufacturers is also carbon-intensive. And then there’s the reality that without smelting coal, there are no batteries nor without fossil-fuels will we have the energy to build them or keep them charged.

And much like dirty wind and solar, most people are priced out of the market. In other words, it is another virtue-signaling, elitist, boutique product, sold as a breath of fresh air, but far from it. A tale we’ve been telling for years. Will independents or even leftists listen now that it’s Michael Moore telling them this truth?

I have my doubts.

The Obama administration dumped hundreds of billions of dollars into these schemes. Holes Democrats keep trying to fill with your money every chance they get. It is a problem Moore also notes, and he is a believer in the climate apocalypse, shows the crony corruption and fraud of the major players in the environmental movement.

They are getting rich in the name of a crisis. I’m sorry, did Michael Moore not know that’s how the ruling class works? This is its reason for existing. Big Green just offers another opportunity to create more fear and more debt. One or the other can lead us where they want to go. A centrally planned economy run by the same fraudsters.

If they have to lie to scare you to get there they will. A lesson we seem not to have learned given the current circumstances.