Notable Quote – Do Bernie-Bros Even Care about Reality? - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – Do Bernie-Bros Even Care about Reality?

Freedom to make our own decisions

By dispersing knowledge and control, a dynamic society takes advantage of the human quest to create and discover. Dynamism allows the world to be enriched through the decentralized, trial-and-error experiments in which we all engage when left free to do so.

While reactionaries seek rules that will ban change and technocrats want rules that will control outcomes, dynamists look for rules that let people forge new bonds, invent new institutions, and find better ways of doing things. Like the laws of physics and chemistry, which permit the simplest of particles to form complex combinations, dynamist rules allow us to create the bonds of life – to turn the atoms of our individual selves, our ideas, and the stuff of our material world into the complex social, intellectual, and technological molecules that make up our civilization.

-Virginia Postrel (The Future and Its Enemies)

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

Berni-Bros (Socialists and Communists; add in Big Statists as well) believe that they know well enough and have sufficient information about EVERYONE’s needs and wants to be able to determine how an economy should be structured and run. I have yet to see, either in the present, my past experience, or from learning from history, where that attitude (and it IS a hubristic attitude!) has ever succeeded.

Results, through the decades, has shown us it is a failure. Oh, for sure, they wail and kvetch that letting people have the freedom to do what they want is unorganized, chaotic, and scream about MARKET FAILURE. Most of us should realize that Market Failure to them is merely just that they hate the results the rest of us take as the result of billions of freely made economic transactions.

In short, they hate that they are not in Control of the rest of us. They hate Freedom in reality (even if they mouth it). Instead of accepting the Founders version of Freedom (freedom of interference from Government machinations), they adopt the Socialist version of Freedom – the Freedom of the “vicissitudes” of Life in general and bad outcomes from bad personal decisions. They NEVER will acknowledge the bad outcomes of when the few decide every detail of the many – like the genocide of the Uighers by China, the 100s of millions of deaths of their own people for political reasons, of stores filled with all left footed shoes or grocery stores with bare shelves.

It’s a 1984 world all the way down to the ground. Control is an absolute with these creatures.

Real Freedom, where people make their own decisions in their own pursuit of happiness, is a state of anathema to these folks. As Daymon John states “We all want the Freedom to make our own decisions”.

The end game for Bernie-Bros / Socialists / Communists / Big Statists is to take that Freedom away.

And we all end up getting poorer, in many ways, from their enforced decisions upon us.