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NH Dem Rep Kris Schultz Might Want to Avoid Invoking the SPLC to Slander Committee Witnesses


Democrat Rep Kris Schultz has come to shower glory upon herself and her party. How? Let’s start with slandering a witness in a committee hearing and proceeding to take that into the social media space for good measure. The NH Democrat Party must be so proud.

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Shultz asked a couple of simple questions and then leads into asking, “and isn’t it true that you are affiliated with a national white..” and at that point, her microphone was again muted by the chair who begins addressing her.

[Dr. James] Lindsey jumps in and answers saying, “The answer to that question is no. I am affiliated with absolutely nothing of the sort. I can name the organization that she is probably trying to insinuate bad things about to try to impune my motives, but that organization is neither white nor nationalist. It is run by a half Cuban and half of its board is Asian.”

Rep Kris Schultz is dancing with dirt from the Southern Poverty Law Center for references. The SPLC is itself a long-standing partisan hate group with a history of mistreating women and minorities while milking the Left for millions to fund its fake hate list so they can use it to smear groups and individuals.

Not exactly good company, but if Schultz wants to keep it, the SPLC’s co-founder had to be fired in 2019, and its president dismissed over years of systemic racial bias and accusations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The organization has a history of this sort of misconduct.

The year before that broke, the SPLC was ordered to cough up over three million dollars to settle a defamation suit after it falsely labeled an anti-extremist group a hate group. The group sued and won big!

Kris is doing something unsurprisingly similar to Dr. Lindsey.

In 2012 Floyd Corkins II, thanks to the heated rhetoric and lies of the SPLC, tried to shoot up the Offices of the Family Research Council in DC. He planned to smear Chik-Fil-A sandwiches on the lifeless faces of his victims.

If you need something a bit more local, Schultz also showed up to support NH Democrat Rep. Katherine Rodgers after she assaulted a Republican woman, a charge to which Rodgers plead guilty.

The party of civility and love and unity. No need for any of that.

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Schultz is elected to a nice reliable ideological-ghetto House Seat, so we can expect years of crazy from her for as long as she wants to serve. But there’s no need to wait. She’s oozing crazy as if it is how normal people view the world.


Kris Schultz Calls James Lindsey a white supremacist and antisemite


Dr. Lindsey has asked for an apology or her resignation. I do not expect he will get either.

It may not be within her ability or something she desires. Too much Liberal guilt or liberal privilege. She’s another one of those who know better – hey, she can tell you’re a racist from wherever she is, by the way that you do not agree with her politically. Then there’s her love affair with this BS.

 “[C]ritical race theory” describes the pseudoscientific concept that all people with white skin are inherently racists and are not even aware of it because they have “internalized” their “racial superiority” and, consequently, think and act in a racist manner without even being aware of it (“unconscious bias”). It is a variation on “white privilege.”

The Bill before the committee would prohibit such nonsense from being included in the public school curriculum. Schultz has taken it upon herself to accuse people like Dr. Lindesey (who disagree) with racism. She is not alone.


NH Educators for Equity

The Daily Wire has a nice look at Keith Ammon’s bill here. That’s the one Dr. Lindsey was attempting to comment on to her committee.

He actually knows what he’s talking about, and you can read some examples of that work here.

And here is NH Democrat Rep Schultz showering glory on her state and party. We expect she’ll call us racist for sharing it.