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Teaching White Children That They Are Born Racists is Both Conscious Bias and a Hate Crime

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Governor Sununu said (somewhere) that while he is not a fan of Critical Race Theory, but he would not ban it. Irony alert: His signature would not ban anything but it would prevent the government from paying people to use institutional bias to violate our children’s civil rights.

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Taxpayers are paying for public employees to embrace and enforce this systemic bias upon their children. That makes them acts of conscious bias deliberately built into “education programs” to insist that your children are guilty of an unconscious bias from which there is no salvation.

Now check out the NH Attorney General’s guidance on hate crimes and bias for NH law enforcement.


NH AG Guidance on Bias and hate crime.


“Bias incidents can have a strong impact on victims and can send a message to entire communities that they do not have the right to be a part of society.”

In the course of investigating potential motivation toward bias or a hate crime, the NH AG’s guidance for Law Enforcement advises that,


NH AG Guidance on Bias and hate crime 2


Critical Race Theory requires advocates to shame white kids into believing they are racists and then subjects them to conscious bias to inculcate them with a select interpretation of historical events to intimidate and shame them. The curriculum or class materials are the evidence.


NH AG Guidance on Bias and hate crime 3


The governor says he disapproves of CRT, but he wouldn’t ban it. But the proposed legislative act signed by him would only limit the public funding of it. It would not ban anything, but maybe we don’t even need the governor and his political-pandering gymnastics.

Parents need to start using the crap out of school districts, naming teachers, school board members, and superintendents for systemic conscious bias and hate crimes against their kids.

Public employees subjected to race-shaming under CRT need to bring civil suits against their agencies and employers.

And one more point. These acts of conscious bias are also perpetrated against women and LGBT+ whites and their children, even people of color who don’t toe the CRT line. We are talking about clear violations of their civil rights.

CRT Teaches hate.

According to the people who claim to oppose “hate,” that’s a crime, but not when they do it. And while the Governor and his advisors ponder the legal gymnastics presented by the language added to the budget to stop the teaching of hate, perhaps they should consider the legal quandary I’ve laid before them that they helped create.

You gave the idea of hate crimes and bias incidents legs and made it a matter for law enforcement to consider. Now you are saying that we should not deny taxpayer funding to programs grounded on teaching conscious bias to race-shame children in clear violation of the Attorney General’s guidance.

Even the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners (even if a public school does not rise to a form of incarceration) prohibits “(c) Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment;”

I think being race-shamed every day by public employees rises to the standard of degrading or humiliating treatment, perhaps even a cruel and unusual punishment.