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Hamas-Connected Group Sides With Democrats and Chris Sununu to Oppose HB544


A group with deep ties to Hamas, the terror group, is picking sides in New Hampshire’s debate over House Bill 544. Governor Sununu initially objected to the bill as written and promised to veto it. Most Democrats and their activist groups object. But now, a group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood agrees with them.

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On behalf of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, please find copied below our press release from today urging the New Hampshire legislature to drop HB 544, which is modeled after former president Donald Trump’s racist executive order forbidding anti-racism training based on critical race theory issued last September.


This legislation prohibits the expenditure of tax dollars to promote certain racist or sexist concepts like those found in Critical Race Theory (CRT).

New Hampshire Legislators and residents should ask themselves questions. What possible benefit does a group whose founders and leadership have ties to global terrorism and Islamic hegemony get from blocking legislation that prohibits the use of tax dollars for sex-stereotyping or punishing people who refuse to parrot blanket condemnations of people based on race?

If you want to advocate blanket condemnations of a group of people based on sex or race you can spend your own money on it to your heart’s content, protected by the First Amendment.

HB544 closes loopholes on existing anti-discrimination laws.

The only reasonable objection I can think of to this is that opponents intend to continue to promote division and do not want to lose access to public money when they do it. Or, they will brook no effort to undermine their monopoly on promoting hate and division.