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By the Numbers – the COVID HOAX

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And it has been a hoax on so many levels.

It began with the LIE that COVID was exponentially more deadly than the flu, and that per the “models” our hospitals were going to be overwhelmed even if we “locked down” (that’s right; all the apocalyptic predictions for deaths and hospitalizations assumed lockdowns). The “models” turned out to be total junk. Hospitals were never in danger of being overwhelmed. And, as the chart above shows, the claims that COVID was 30-times-more-deadly, 20-times-more-deadly, etc., etc., etc. … “IT”S NOT THE FLU” … were total bull manure.

Another LIE was/is that we were all equally in grave danger. As the chart above shows, if you are age 50 or younger COVID is essentially a nothing-burger. And even if you are older than 50, it is only the very elderly, the very fat, and those with certain preexisting conditions who need to take special precautions. Yet we are still getting LIED to.

Fauci … just today (in response to Joe Rogan’s common-sense observation that healthy young people do not need to get vaccinated) … was lecturing young people that they were being selfish by not getting vaccinated because they could inadvertently infect someone at risk. This … like everything Fauci says … is untrue. Anyone at risk who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated, which makes it unnecessary for young people to get vaccinated.

Other LIES have been extensively documented on this blog. MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, CAPACITY LIMITS, CURFEWS, LOCKDOWNS … all lies. CCP propaganda that was joyfully embraced by the Left in order to advance the Left’s goal of pervasive, authoritarian government.

And we are still being LIED to. And none of the LIARS have been held accountable.