Why Are Some COVID Vaccine Recipients Testing HIV Positive? - Granite Grok

Why Are Some COVID Vaccine Recipients Testing HIV Positive?

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Just so we’re clear COVID19 vaccines are not giving people HIV. But they have been known to make people who have received them appear HIV positive. And this has been institutional knowledge since at least early December.

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For folks who learned math and junk at the local public school that’s three months.


Dec 11, 2020, BBC: Covid: Australian vaccine abandoned over false HIV response

A promising Australian candidate for a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after trial participants returned false HIV positive results…

The vaccine had been in stage one of trials, and proving to be effective in making antibodies.

But it also generated HIV antibodies in some recipients – which meant it showed false positives for HIV. Further testing proved the HIV wasn’t there.


That’s Australia, not America and in December so?

The thread is worth the time (then go here and check some more from Dr.LynnFynn).

I expressed some thoughts about why I would take a pass here but this was not on my radar. And it is probably not the end of the problems associated with this experimental virus.

Don’t like that term? Too bad, it’s true. None of these vaccines is FDA-approved. They’ve been given emergency clearance. By volunteering (or being coerced) you are part of the largest drug trial in history.

A human trial to prevent transmission of a virus that has a fatality rate for those under 70 of less than 1.2%. If you are under 60 it drops effectively to zero. With the administration of safe over-the-counter drugs in most of the world, you have less than nothing to fear.

But here we are, a place where making these points or asking questions can get you canceled. Science denier. COVID denier. MASK denier. Grandma killer.

The science is not only on our side, the Covidiots are working out how to get to our science from theirs now that they have achieved their political goals.

That’s not a conspiracy.

There is no other reason for the reaction we’ve seen to this virus. It was never as contagious as advertised. The test used to detect it was flawed. It was never that fatal. The CDC even admitted most of the reported deaths were not from COVID19. And that’s why over 99% of those who test positive live to tell the tale.

The virus is looking less dangerous than the cure. Elderly drop dead after receiving it. Pregnant women are having miscarriages. And the political response has destroyed jobs, businesses, and lives.

And to answer the question in the title, why? DrLynnFynn says,


I think because GP120/41 is integrated in the chimera (SARSCov2 Spike , both the virus vector vaccines and mRNA vaccines that initiate participant’s hyper production of these proteins within first : weeks flag a positive PCR, and after 3 weeks, positive ELISA antibody.


I have no idea what that means but