Why I Won't Get the Vaccine, Slavery, the Windham Election Incident, and More... - Granite Grok

Why I Won’t Get the Vaccine, Slavery, the Windham Election Incident, and More…

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I spent an hour in Nashua yesterday with Liz Gabert on the air at WSMN1590 AM, and as promised, I’m trying to make more audio content available to our readers (and listeners). It’s always fun to co-host Life with Liz; we talked about the Windham ‘Incident,’ slavery, why I won’t get the experimental vaccine and a lot more.

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A few programming notes. This is edited down to just the bits with Liz and me or Liz and I (you can listen/watch the whole thing here if you so desire).

I also need to correct something I said on air when I mentioned that the AG and SOS had possession of Windham’s voting machines. They wanted to take possession but had not yet done that. I misspoke.

Since then, an activist upswelling spawned in part from our pages has convinced Windham to retain custody, and the AG and SOS have agreed.

Why that is so important is discussed in the podcast, so that part of the conversation is very relevant.




If you’re looking for something specific here’s a breakdown of where we had this conversation in the timeline so you can jump right to your topic of interest or trigger your outrage, whatever floats your boat.

Slavery (5:50)
Erasing History/Racism (8:00)
What’s a GrokMeet (11:55)
Windham/Elections in NH (15:00)
The Experimental Vaccine (25:00)
Pandemic Lies (28:30)
‘It’s time for your vaccine’ sounds better in the original German (30:00)
“Nutshelling” a Few Biden Emergency Orders (33:00)