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We Are Seeing the Progressive Dependency Hard at Work Today

We see this today with Progressives in Congress, and Dementia Joe in the Oval Office all pushing for Government check after Government check to be sent out in rapid succession.

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Progressives’ agenda calls for not only excuse-making but also dependency….

This is all a part of the progressive agenda to hook Americans, particularly black Americans, on government handouts. In future elections, they will be able to claim that anyone who campaigns on cutting taxing and spending is a racist.

-Prof Walter Williams (2015, American Contempt for Liberty)

Like all of the Democrat policies of the last century and now, they put this out there not unlike drug dealers giving away crack, meth, or any other drug du jour for now – only to get people hooked. WuFlu “stimulus” check 1, 2, and 3 already delivered. There are already talks about more AND setting up monthly checks for minor dependents ($300/month/dependent).

Dare I say that the Socialists are “grooming” the American public to “be taken care of” and replacing the traditional self-reliance/self-sufficiency/rugged individualism norms that made for a vigorish and robust American Society?

And once Dependency is complete, Liberty is gone. The latter is incompatible with the former. Once Dependency is established, one will always demand to be taken care of.

Those providing that Dependency can then do anything they want – and the dependents will do what is necessary to maintain that.

There is no Liberty in that state of mind, state of soul.

Exactly what the Dependence Pushers want. Control.

Of you.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)