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Update on the Windham New Hampshire Recount


Many of you have been asking for updates on the Windham Incident. After a pile of articles, a webinar, a follow-up, and additional news from our authors, it got quiet, and people are getting worried. Did this die on the vine like so many other efforts to resolve suspect election results?

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It did not die. It is still alive and well. If you recall, or if you don’t, in early March,


“…NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner had agreed to a plan that he wants amended “as is” to Senate Bill SB43.  It’s being called “The Gardner Amendment.”  If passed, it would trigger forensic audits on Windham’s Diebold AccuVote voting machines AND the November 3, 2020, general election ballots.”


That plan has not changed, but it has been quiet (too quiet?) so, I asked a Windham resident working on this from the inside for an update.


Things are going well. In a holding pattern until the house vote. Should be the beginning of April then back to the Senate and finally to the Governors desk. I would anticipate sometime in May. Then on to the selection of the forensic analysts. That’s the next potential battle.


The bill was approved by a vote of 20-0 in the House Committee. The full House will vote on this amended version then the Senate will vote to concur before it goes to Governor Sununu.

There is plenty of time for this to go sideways or for people who appeared interested to have a change of heart. To that end, we want to heed Ken’s advice. Please keep it on the front burner. Make sure you talk to your reps about supporting this legislation and the forensic audit.

And a word of advice for this or any communication with an elected NH official you want on your side. Be polite, write short (be brief) and stick to facts as you understand them. Do not write angry.

These folks are effectively volunteers who get buried in communications and sift them on their own time.  If you make it easy for them, they will remember, and your thoughts are more likely to get their attention.

Find your NH House Representative here.
A local copy of SB43 is available here.
A local copy of SB43 as amended is available here.

If you’d like to better understand what happened, please review this webinar on the issues relating to Windham’s November 3rd Election and why we need the audit.