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Webinar: November Election Integrity – What Happened in Windham, New Hampshire

The 603 Alliance hosted a webinar last night on the topic of the Windham election irregularities. The speakers included Ken Eyring and Tom Murray of Windham, Dr. Dave Strang, State Sen. Bob Guida, and special guest James O’Keefe.

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This event details the issues with the Windham hand and machine counts, data issues when comparing all four voting machines used on Nov 3rd, the bipartisan effort to get answers, and the AG’s office refusing to investigate.

Several hundred people attended this online event. If you missed it, we have it for you below. You should also check out the 603 Alliance page dedicate to the matter. It includes the webinar shared below, links to additional content, and contact information for people in State Government.

Reach out to them and encourage them to look into this.

There are significant irregularities, unexplained issues. The Town wants it investigated. The Secretary of State wants it investigated. Residents want it investigated, as do activists and elected officials from around the state.

This webinar gets you up to speed on the matter, including yesterday’s full State Senate voted 24-0 to require the AG to perform a complete audit and investigation.

That legislation is moving to the House for approval.

You will find information in the video below on how to contact legislators if you believe, as we do, that the Granite State cannot trust the integrity of the process until what happened in Windham is explored and explained.

Here is the YouTube link, or you can watch this archived copy and remember to check out 603Alliance.org/Windham.