Notable Quote – It’s Not About The Entry Level Wage, It’s The Entry Or Non-existent Skill Set - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – It’s Not About The Entry Level Wage, It’s The Entry Or Non-existent Skill Set


It is clear that the advocates of any arbitrary minimum wage hike believe that if you have a job, any job, you should automatically be able to support yourself and be installed into the Middle Class. They focus on the wage and do the “it’s not important” about whether someone’s skill set is up to the job.

The real problem is that workers are not so much underpaid as they are under-skilled. And the real task is to help those people become skilled. Congress cannot do this simply by declaring that as of such-and-such a date, everybody’s productive output is now worth $7.25 per hour. This makes about as much sense, and does just about as much harm, as doctors “curing” patients simply by declaring that they are cured.

-Prof Walter E. Williams (Race & Economics)

And he is right on this – it isn’t about the wage, this whole mess of Minimum Wage is really about someone’s skill set and Progressives refuse to even take that into account.

Those that are getting the minimum wage and haven’t progressed from that for years have not invested in themselves to make themselves more attractive to prospective employers (or even a current one). If all you’ve done is flip burgers and make fries and made NO effort to acquire new and BETTER skills, they don’t deserve higher wages because they can’t EARN them.

But folks like NH State Reps Jan Schmidt and Sherry Frost have their Progressive eyeshades on when THEY decide, on no basis at all, that they should make employers bend to their will and give these folks what Schmidt and Frost demand: $22.50/hour! What a slap on the face and a kick in the nether regions by these two towards those that HAVE upskilled themselves. Their HB107 would require that $22.50 / hour; their “intentions” are foremost and don’t (or can’t) think about the ramifications. I wrote about it here.

They are the new King Canutes.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)