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NH State Run Media Forced to Cover the Windham Election Incident

WMUR News 9

New Hampshire’s State-Run ABC affiliate is WMUR. They dutifully cover the stories they are supposed to and ignore the ones they are not. When forced to cover local issues with national themes they’ve been commanded to ignore, they can be relied on to be dismissive or just get it wrong.

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We have an election discrepancy we’ve referred to as the Windham Scandal or the Windham Incident.  A recount of some state House races uncovered an issue. The results reported to the watchdog media, and the campaigns were off by a few hundred votes.

In a big city, that might not be a thing, but in New Hampshire, where a few dozen votes justify a hand-recount, the machine count being off by 300+/- per candidate is a huge deal.

For months we’ve been reporting on the effort to figure out why. We’ve shared news from activists, residents, and a State Senator, all looking for answers. We even shared a webinar that explains all the details, all of which have been popular across the country and the world.

State-Run Media has looked down its nose at it until now. WMUR reports that,

Officials with the company that owns the voting machines, LHS Associates in Salem, were as the meeting held Monday.

LHS was at the meeting, but Dr. David Strang informed me that, “LHS does not own the voting machines. The towns do.  LHS doesn’t even make the voting machines, they simply service them for all towns in the northeast that use them.”

Not a huge problem but a misrepresentation of a material fact, and that’s not even the biggest problem with the report.

Of all the people they could have quoted who have had plenty to say, they gave us this.

Some speakers at the meeting said they reject conspiracy theories surrounding the discrepancy and say human error could have played a role.

We’ve got more coverage, details, and testimony on this than any media site, period. No one is calling the discrepancy part of some conspiracy. All they want is election integrity. How did we find our way to a 300-vote discrepancy – a 6 point shift in these races?

That’s not to say the opportunity for a conspiracy does not exist. For the past several months, no one tasked with the responsibility of ensuring election integrity has done a thing to address it without having to be forced, and that is not a problem for another day.

WMUR didn’t have much to say about that except that the Legislature is moving SB43 forward to force an audit that existing law does not permit. Or so they say.


Dr. David Strang Contributed to this article.