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Fourteen Reasons to NOT Support the State GOP


Per Cornerstone, these fourteen “Republicans” voted to allow abortions of unborn babies after 24 weeks:

James Allard, Merrimack 21 (Epsom and Pittsfield)

Lex Berezhny, Grafton 09 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton)

Joseph Depalma IV, Grafton 01 (Bethlehem, Littleton)

Oliver Ford, Rockingham 04 (Auburn, Chester Sandown)

Edward Gordon, Grafton 09 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton)

John Hunt, Cheshire 11 (Fitzwilliam, Rindge)

John Lewicke, Hillsborough 26 (Brookline, Mason)

Norman Major, Rockingham 14 (Atkinson, Plaistow)

James Mason, Merrimack 02 (Wards 1 and 2 in Franklin, Hill)

Russell Ober, Hillsborough 37 (Hudson, Pelham)

Diane Pauer, Hillsborough 26 (Brookline, Mason)

Andrew Prout, Hillsborough 37 (Hudson, Pelham)

Dan Wolf, Merrimack 23 (Bow, Dunbarton)

Josh Yokela, Rockingham 33 (Brentwood, Danville, Fremont)

And, yes, I am aware that Skip “named the names” (on a companion bill) back on February 27th. The purpose of this post is to suggest that not supporting / working against these RINOs extends to not supporting the State GOP.

The State GOP … as far as I am aware … is agnostic about what it means to be a Republican. That is, as long as a candidate calls himself a Republican, that candidate receives support in the general election.

Look … I understand that New Hampshire is a “pro-choice” State. And I am not suggesting that the State GOP withhold support from every GOP candidate who supports some form of legalized abortion. What I am suggesting is that you don’t call yourself a Republican if you deny that at some point before birth an abortion is the taking of a life.

In other words, these fourteen have no business calling themselves Republicans and the State GOP has no business supporting them and candidates like them. To the extent that the State GOP does support these RINOs … which, as noted above, is my understanding … it needs to be held accountable.