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Do Shootings Always Rise To Meet Proposed Gun Control Measures Meant to Prevent Them?


Anthony Daniels, writing as Theodore Dalrymple, is responsible for one of my favorite quotes, paraphrased. ‘Need will always rise to meet the government services available to relieve it.’ So, it seems will the number of mass shootings needed to justify confiscatory gun laws.

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Like Irish twins, only sooner, we have back-to-back mass shootings and the media grabbing the keys from the valet to take that reliable narrative for a spin. White right-wingers are domestic terrorists and must be stopped.

The spa shootings in Georgia cost 8 people their lives, 6 of them Asian women and a caucasian woman and man (see also, white). The only thread connecting all 8 is their presence at massage parlors. The media sold it as proof that hateful rhetoric on the right drove the shooter to kill Asian women.

It had nothing to do with prostitution, though the left loves that too, so stay tuned because the police have been unable to find any evidence that ethnic hate had anything to do with it. None. But if you search for news about the event, nearly every lead or headline focuses on racial motivation where none is apparent, and it justifies ramped up federal interference with your second amendment rights.

Remember no criminal will be harmed by this legislation.

The second shooting in Boulder, Colorado, involved the murder of ten people whom the media has shown no particular interest in. But the shooter was immediately branded as a white guy with an AR-15 and domestic terrorist.

White supremacy and insurrection! Guns, wild-west, it must be stopped!

It marked the nation’s seventh mass shooting within as many days, less than a week after eight people were killed during a shooting spree at three Atlanta-area spas, which prompted officials across the US to once again reckon with the nation’s overwhelming rates of gun violence and the politically volatile subject of gun control.

Seven mass shootings since Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) took office?

I can’t speak to the other five to which the UK Independent refers, but the last one might bust the narrative. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a 21-year-old who hated Trump, and all of his victims were white.

Being wrong never means having to say your sorry if you are in the media, and hey, let’s not get all racist about that shooter; this is just proof we need stricter gun control.

Do we?

As with most shootings of this sort, the problem is not how the shooter got a gun but why they were the only person with a firearm. The answer to that is liberal anti-gun culture, but no one seems interested in fixing that. Defending yourself is not an approved narrative.

It’s much easier to do something that, coincidentally, allows these anti-gun politicians to rob us of other rights without fear of an actual insurrection.

So, the shootings (or hyperbolic reports about them) will continue until the tolerance for gun-grabbing legislation improves.