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Critical Race Theory Is Itself Racist

All White People are Racist - pay me

Despite the recent defamatory attacks on me by local residents, this letter addresses the issue of “critical race theory” which is creeping into the public schools of New Hampshire and the Laconia School system.

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The Laconia School District conducted an in-service mandatory training for ALL staff on Jan. 22. Despite my request and despite the knowledge of many on the Laconia School Board, there was no parental notification of this “critical race theory” training.

At my persistent insistence, the content of this abusive training was finally provided to the public. It is unfortunate the Laconia School Board is focusing the education of our children on issues that have nothing to do with the ABCs of traditional education. It is racist and intellectual abuse of our student population to subject them to the divisive tenets of “critical race theory,” which theory in itself is racist.

The main goal of this theory is to convince young, impressionable minds that whiteness is inherently racist.

In this training, the SAU divided the staff into groups using the Delphi theory. This concept manipulates the training to attain the outcome this racist agenda desires: “If you are white and not a minority” you are racist.

This is not only child abuse, it is parental abuse and abuse of our society on a massive scale.

We need to respect, accept and believe in helping one another. We are all human beings and we all have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The government does not have the right and should not have the power to interfere with our inalienable rights. Superintendent Steve Tucker, the administration, and our school board have a legal and moral obligation to prevent this abuse from occurring, not only in Laconia but statewide.

I am calling on all teachers, parents, grandparents, and community leaders TO STAND UP and tell our educators that teaching “critical race theory” will not be tolerated and must stop NOW. The presentation slides are available from the superintendent’s office upon request.