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A Comment on the Windham AccuVote Machines and Elections

Burtis army

Both sides of my family started serving our nation in 1776.  Later, a relative would serve with Corporal Abraham Lincoln in Illinois. We had a relative serving with General Hood from Texas, Captain Halstead Burtis, while Major John Burtis served with the 13th NY Infantry.

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Then, later with the 141st NY, in the Civil War.

My great uncle, Corporal Earl Burtis of the 7th Infantry Division, perished in France in 1918, as a result of a German gas attack.  

My sainted mother took a leave of absence from teaching and enlisted in the US Army Air Forces and served as a Military Police Officer, while my old man served in both the Pacific and the Atlantic Theaters as a combat naval officer.

I offer the foregoing because one of the primary reasons for their service was the overwhelming need to keep, maintain and protect fair and free elections, carried forward without any fear, the threat of force, or the use of violence to impact or sway the outcome or individual ballots.

Notably, in WWII, we fought two fascist systems where voting, if held, was predetermined.  As Soviet strong man, Iosif V. Stalin explained so succinctly: It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matter.

Today, with the advent of computerized voting, we must add the need to maintain fair and free elections without any mechanical or electronic, any on- or off-site programming, or any kind of manipulation with the intent to impact or sway, to fraudulently count, to add or subtract legally cast ballots, or to add spurious illegal ballots to the legal total of ballots cast.

With the shenanigans concerning the Dominion voting systems difficulties in Windham, I became highly concerned about what may have happened in my town, especially in lieu of not only Windham but the Dominion capers in PA, WI, GA, AZ, and other states.

With all the above in mind, I copied the URL for Granite Grok’s superb summation in three parts and sent them to my Derry Town Manager, Mr. David Caron.

I also sent them to my District 2 Councilor, Mr. Charles Foote, and to the Town Moderator, Ms. Cristina Guilford.

Additionally, I also telephoned Mr. Foote, wherein I outlined my concerns, mentioned the Granite Grok articles, and asked him to return my call.  I have never received a response to my e-mails nor have I received a return phone call from my Councillor, Mr. Foote.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have willingly gone to their deaths while serving our constitutional republic and protecting its sacred right to vote, yet my own town government balks at returning my e-mails and my telephone call about our votes?

Why are so many frightened by so few elderly Diebold machines, now owned and operated by a company which for years engineered electoral victories for Hugo Chavez and is the recipient of Soros’ and Red Chinese money?

John Burtis