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Why Does Chris Pappas Hate Women’s Sports?

Chris Pappas Resist


Liddle-Chris either has no clue what is in the Equality Act … or he is LYING … when he portrays it as a a simple anti-discrimination bill.

Margot Cleveland … in the Federalist … provides a COMPREHENSIVE and DETAILED explanation of how the “Equality Act” radically changes civil rights law. In a nutshell, the “Equality Act” (1) redefines the term “sex” to mean whichever sex a person declares; (2) expands the term “public accommodation” to include virtually any place outside of a private residence; and (3) prohibits any religious exceptions.

I titled this post “Why Does Chris Pappas Hate Women’s Sports” because the “Equality Act” by defining sex based on state of mind, not biology, allows biological males to compete in women’s sports simply by declaring that they are women. Anybody who knows anything about sports and biological differences between men and women understands that in general women cannot compete with men. Additionally, biological males declaring they are women would have to be allowed access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

But there is more. John Paul Moran, also writing in the Federalist, explains the consequences of passing the “Equality Act”:

This bill would require Americans to consider gender identity and even biological sex a personal choice, not an objective fact. … .

This will turn any recognition of the difference between biological sexes, or any preference for traditional sexual relationships or genders, or even the scientific definition of the two sexes, into potential “hate” crimes. This bill would:

The “Equality Act” also would require taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand:

States, local government agencies, educational institutions, and health-care organizations all receive federal funds, and under The Equality Act’s plain language could be required fund abortions. As a federal statute, the Equality Act would trump state bans on such funding, and as a later adopted statute it could put the Hyde Amendment at risk. Private, and even religious, health-care facilities could be forced to provide abortions on equal terms with other medical care.

I do not watch WMUR or listen to NHPR, but my guess is that people who get their “news” from WMUR and NHPR have no idea what is really in the “Equality Act”.