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Who Are the Public Masters and Who Are the Public Servants?

Stupid AOC Stupider voters

There is an ongoing sense that our society has been turned upside down. We, as in We the People, versus the folks that we “hire.” Hire to either represent us or hire as employees to do the tasks that we’ve decided to outsource rather than do ourselves.


During this pandemic, more and more parents are realizing that Government schools are failing their expectations in that Janie can’t read and Johnny can’t do the math. Thus, they’ve made themselves redundant.  And if this is the best that Socialism can offer…

There’s Justin Campo (Finance Director, Londonderry, NH) who testified against HB457. He says it would be a lot of work to simply obey any “don’t spend money voters didn’t vote for” requirement put into place by this legislation. He kvetched about transfers, emergencies (there are established ways to do that), moving money around – and tried to call out “Transparency!” when, in actuality, there is NO transparency when voters say NO but employees say “we’re gonna do it anyway.”

Next, many Conservatives believe that abortion is murder and generally vote Republican because of the stance on being Pro-life. So now we have two Republicans, Ned Gordon and Sherm Packard deciding that Voter’s wishes are to be just shucked off as just so much nonsense.

Steve’s post on the entire Oakley CA School Board disparaging parents is another example of such behavior by the “Political Ruling Class” elitists deciding that the rest of us (the Country class) are of no account. Yes, at least those folks felt some shame and resigned but it was a very public display of the attitude that I’m talking about

And these are just three quick examples from just us over a couple of days.  I guess they haven’t heard of “Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes“.

And then there’s this:

Stupid AOC Stupider voters

Yes, it’s just a meme but a case of “whataboutism” with barbs:

  • Certainly a poke at Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (aka, “AOC”). Yes, I have lamented that she and I are alumni of the same University (sadly, Boston University). It is clear that while she’s great on social media she’s horrible in the two areas in which she has her degree: economics and international relations by the things that she has definitely gotten wrong
  • The meme then takes the attitude that she’s pulling one over her voters’ eyes for being that stupid for voting her in twice with the second time over a much more conservative opponent.

It fits what I tried to explain above except it isn’t quite true. Her district is a VERY Progressive one – they voted for whom they believe actually does represent them.

Thus, memes can have a bit of truth in them – they have to be believable.  Some really are true to the bone.

Many are not – just take them for the fun they are.