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The Face of Freedom

Here is the face of freedom, and isn’t he a handsome devil:

The picture was taken this past Wednesday in Key Kargo. I just got back from spending a lovely week in the Keys … thanks to Governor DeSantis, who in stark contrast to “lockdown Governors” like New Hampshire’s Sun-King, Chris Sununu, is the face of freedom:

I urge you to listen to Governor DeSantis’ CPAC speech. It is fair to describe DeSantis as the anti-Sununu and it is DeSantis, not same-but-less RINOs like Sununu, who represents the future of the Republican Party.

But back to my Florida Keys trip. Perhaps the best way of describing leaving New Hampshire for a week in Florida is that it was like escaping from a glacial penal colony and finding paradise. While various counties and municipalities have mask-mandates, DeSantis used his state-of-emergency powers to prevent counties and cities from imposing fines on persons for violations of the mandates. As a result, even in mask-mandate counties and municipalities (which I assume are run by Democrats or RINOs) such as the Keys, people are free to “mask up” or not “mask up” as they see fit.

While businesses can still be fined for not requiring masks, once you get into a restaurant or bar (which are operating at 100% capacity, thanks to DeSantis) and are seated you can unmask.

The biggest difference between New Hampshire and Florida (besides the 50 degree difference in temperature and the beautiful Florida sunshine) was that the people I encountered while traveling up and down the Keys were happy and enjoying life. I did not encounter a single mask-Nazi all week, except for the local police in Key West, and as I noted above … thanks to DeSantis … all they can do is tell you to “mask up.”

I am sure that Sununu and his like-minded corporatists will tell you that things are better in New Hampshire because … wait for it …. wait for it …. wait for it … WE ARE CUTTING BUSINESS TAXES. As far as I am concerned, Sununu and his corporatist ilk can take their precious business tax cuts and “shove ’em.” I’ll take Florida’s approach of prioritizing individual liberty (which includes the right for every business … not just the businesses deemed “essential” … to operate) over increasing profits for woke corporations funding BLM and other anti-American causes.

Again I urge you to listen to Governor DeSantis’ CPAC speech.

Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for letting me remember what it is like to live in a free country.