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Great News: America Still Leads the World in (Meaningless) CO2 Emissions Reductions

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The Climate Cult made CO2 a dragon to be slain. But CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. It is not a pollutant in our atmosphere. It’s plant food. If you accept that Donald Trump is your affordable energy hero. Even if you refuse to accept that, Donald Trump is still your energy emissions hero.

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Despite the chaotic ranting of ignorant unhinged leftists (and corporate shills and rent-seekers) over our departure from the Paris Climate Accord (among other matters), the US leads the globe in emissions reductions. Paris Accord alumni failed (again) to compete with Americans when it comes to the meaningless reduction of the trace gas CO2.

Under the Trump administration, the nation has become a net exporter of oil and natural gas, years ahead of predictions, while U.S. emissions have continued an overall decline that began in 2005 as natural gas, spurred by the shale and fracking revolution, and renewable energy replace coal in electricity generation.

“I don’t see that it’s a good thing. It’s just a fact,” Mr. Ebell said. “The other thing I would point out is that if the Trump strategy is successful, we should see a continuing return of energy-intensive manufacturing in this country, and if that’s the case, emissions are going to start going up again at some point.”

It is just a fact. But it is a fact with legs to kick the dopey narratives coming from the left. And look, a few more of those facts.

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency released preliminary data showing power-plant emissions in the lower 48 states fell in 2019. Annual output of sulfur dioxide alone declined by 23%, dropping below one million tons for “the first time in modern history,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

“Under President Trump, our economy continues to grow, and we are enjoying ever-improving air quality,” said Mr. Wheeler in a statement. “Through state and federal fulfillment of the Clean Air Act, as well as advances by the power sector, we have seen significant reductions in key pollutants.”


Meanwhile, in the halls to the left, the Democrat’s plan is to end our energy independence and lower emissions (again, if you think that matters – which is wrong) and revert to energy dependence, dirty “renewables,” and higher emissions. This will empower our enemies, tank our economy, and lower our standard of living.

We feel certain that you’d rather keep your technology, transportation, and modern conveniences (like electricity) and you can, even if you still believe lowering CO2 will do something (though it doesn’t). And you can, but only if you support Donald Trump. The world leader in emissions reductions (even when reducing emissions means anything).

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