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NH – This Is the COVID19 Smoking Gun We’ve Been Waiting For!

Covid test false positives

New Hampshire’s chief health department executive has disclosed key information to several of our sources raising serious questions about the legitimacy of New Hampshire’s COVID-19 State of Emergency.

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Also in doubt are the extreme and unlawful measures that the Executive Branch has employed to curb this supposed crisis. In fact, when considered with the true science that we disseminated to Legislators in Novemberthere should be absolutely nothing stopping the Legislature from immediately ending the State of Emergency this week. In fact, we need your help to demand it!

As you all know, the Executive Branch and the Media have used fear-mongering propaganda to highlight the number of new cases of COVID-19 as justification for their draconian usurpation of our Constitutional rights and our way of life. These cases have been based on the results of PCR tests, which some of you have probably experienced. In brief: the positive testing results in New Hampshire have been based on flawed science, and we now have evidence to show this.

Starting at 1:08:49 in our COVID-19, Legislative Policy Summit presentation, Dr. Jay Bhuttacharya, a professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert, explained how PCR tests work:

“The way that a PCR test works, you have a tiny bit of virus, a virus is a tiny little thing. You can’t detect the virus unless you amplify it to a large number. So the PCR test doubles the amount of the virus, one cycle after another. … You keep doubling it enough times, you might be able to detect it. … It turns out that if you double it a ton of times before you find it, the initial sample probably wasn’t infectious. The key numbers are 30 times. If you have to double it more than 30 or 32 times, it’s pretty unlikely the original sample was infectious. … You keep doubling enough times, you can find pretty much anything, including dead viral fragments. If it takes 20 doublings and you find it, you have a lot of virus present, you are really sick. That’s a positive test, that’s a really good test. If it takes 40 doublings to find it, you probably had it in the past, and all that’s left over is viral fragments and you probably don’t have it. It depends on how many cycles, or how many doublings it takes before you can declare a positive.”

Today, we release information obtained by RebuildNH from sources within the government. In a letter to our sources, Lori Shibinette, commissioner of the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services, wrote the following:

“I am following up on your request for information on the cycle times at the Public Health Lab. Each lab analyzer has different recommended cycle times so you really cannot compare one analyzer cycle times to another. I have listed our three analyzers and the manufacturer recommended cut-off value (cycle times). We use the cycle times as recommended by the manufacturer.

RT-PCR Assay                                                  Cut-off Ct value
Thermo Fisher TaqPath RT-PCR Combo                  37
CDC 2019nCOV RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel              40
CDC Influenza/SC2 multiplex RT-PCR                      40”

There it is folks, in black and white. The PCR tests used in New Hampshire to announce positive COVID-19 results cannot be trusted. They are based on faulty science, unlike claims made by the Executive Branch to the contrary.

What’s more, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the testing threshold for COVID-19 PCR tests has been too broad on the same day that President Biden was inaugurated in Washington, verifying the testimony of Dr. Bhuttacharya as well as our assertion that the N.H. The executive Branch has been exaggerating the threat of COVID-19.

Whether you’d like to give the N.H. Health Department the benefit of the doubt that they did this out of ignorance–following “manufacturer recommended cut off value (cycle times)”–is up to you, but the fact remains that the N.H. The executive Branch used this information to spread fear, consolidate its power, and control our way of life, and they are still doing that. Many people are unaware of this fact, so please copy and paste this information and share it widely. Please also read below for our information about the experimental biological agent being labeled as a “vaccine.” Think twice before you take it because it is not necessary, especially when there are effective treatments available for people who are exposed to COVID-19 and the true number of people who are actually exposed to the virus is significantly less than what has been reported.

Based on this information, it is incumbent on the N.H. Legislature to stop the Executive Branch from its unlawful overreach right now and END THE STATE OF EMERGENCY this week! Please let them know your thoughts!


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