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Coca-Cola to Employees: Try to Be Less White

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Fifty years ago, the Coca-Cola Company wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. These days that harmony comes with the cultural equivalent of a “bride price.” White people need to hate themselves and atone for the past.

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Not your past, but if you dare to argue the finer points, that proves you are both racists, and fragile.


Making white people hate themselves for the color of their skin is, of course, the goal of all this ridiculous, flagrantly racist ‘anti-racist’ training’ that has taken over our universities, our government, and our major (and not so major) businesses and corporations.

And Coca-Cola is apparently fully onboard with dehumanizing their staff, with instilling in them a sense of self-hatred and a paranoid, judgemental loathing of their entire race. What says stellar employee more than a suicidal, soul-destroyed, self-and race-hater who is required to be “less white”?



The foundation of these programs (when boiled down) is the horrors of slavery, whether your actual ancestors had slaves or not. If that’s the bugbear why is there no program telling people to be less black? As Candace notes, the world would implode.

But people of color have an extensive history of black slavery and slavery in general. They are also still actively selling and keeping slaves in (what I’ll refer to as) their ancestral lands.

Truth be told the only white Americans looking to advance “slavery” in the 21st century are the Cultural Marxists promoting Critical Race Theory. Their mission to replace the culture of freedom and economic possibility found in Western Free-Market Capitalism with a stunted corporatist oligarchy.

Yes, the American experiment, lead primarily by white European males, embraced slavery for a time, but slavery is as old as humankind and continues to exist almost exclusively in nations and states whose majorities and leaders are people of color.

ANd grouse about equality or equity all you want, in America, where we’re supposed to hate ourselves and our history, you have more opportunity to rise above any or all of that (to create and pursue your own defined version of success) than anywhere else on the planet.

You have more mobility economically, socially, and geographically. But you have to do the work. You choose to become a slave to your own goals and passions but at no point need they be your master. You are free to change course as you see fit, accepting the consequences and challenges. And yes, no two of us start out in the same place but thinking government can fix that is the quickest path to another form of slavery.

Political despotism.

It is no coincidence that the same party that defended slavery, racial discrimination, that destroyed the black family, and continues to advocate the wholesale extermination of babies of color in the womb (Democrats) are demanding programs like CRT that happen to advance that political goal.

An agenda that would turn all but a select few of us, regardless of sex, race, religion, age, or occupation, into slaves of the State.

Coca-Cola has chosen to aid and abet.

They want you to sing a song of economic and political subjugation to distant progressive overlords. A world where white people are required to hate each other and themselves. I’ll pass.

But if none of this bothers you, and you want to buy the world a #WokeCoke shouldn’t you demand that they take the whiteness out of their logo first?