"Stop Reducing my Personhood to a Racial Category.” - Granite Grok

“Stop Reducing my Personhood to a Racial Category.”

Jodi Shaw

An employee at an exclusive Massachusetts college has resigned after declining to play along with the Critical Race Theory theatrics. One of “which frames any reluctance or discomfort at these discussions as a white power play to escape accountability.” The CRT term for this is white fragility.

Related: Critical Race Theory is a tool used by Marxists/Communists to divide us and destroy our country.

Jodi Shaw, forced to participate in various mandated training, took to YouTube and became a controversial figure. After she appeared on Tucker Carlson, the University (unhappy with its #wokeness being exposed on a national stage) began the process of railroading her out of her job.

You can review the various accusation here, but the result was Jodi’s resignation.


Under the guise of racial progress, Smith College has created a racially hostile environment in which individual acts of discrimination and hostility flourish. In this environment, people’s worth as human beings, and the degree to which they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, is determined by the color of their skin. It is an environment in which dissenting from the new critical race orthodoxy — or even failing to swear fealty to it like some kind of McCarthy-era loyalty oath — is grounds for public humiliation and professional retaliation.


Jodi’s Go Fund me has successfully covered her lost salary for several years, so she’s not in a bad place. In fact, she’s in a great place. She can continue to be honest about the CRT culture and its racist and Marxist foundations free of the campus pressure politics as a whistleblower and insider.

That’s not likely to change the campus culture trajectory, but it might dissuade a few parents from sending their kids there. I’d also expect her to find plenty of like-minded folks who support her, not the least of which might be authors and activists like Michael Rectenwald.


“I ask that Smith College stop reducing my personhood to a racial category.” She was trying to start a conversation about the impact critical race theory, aka wokeism, was having on staffers at the school. Here’s the full video: