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Will Gov. Sununu Grow a Spine or Kiss the Ring

Kiss the ring

Game of Thrones pushed the phrase ‘ bend the knee‘ into the popular consciousness. It means to acquiesce to power to save your neck, even if just for the moment. Another is “kiss the ring.” Wiktionary defines this as “An allusion to a traditional manner of expressing obeisance to a bishop (especially the pope) or king.”

Events have conspired to ensure that Mr. Biden will be named President though most agree Kamala has been running things for a while. Lunchbox for brains Joe is a mule who will be put to pasture after his legacy. The world’s smallest Presidential library, lifetime ‘Big Guy’ salary and benefits, and taxpayer-funded protection (as a former President) have been secured.

Thanks for the ride, Sundown Joe. We got this. And what is ‘this?’

Kamal Harris is the farthest Left’s prize mare. She will push that agenda. the Dems in Congress will push too. Because, unlike Republicans, Democrats do not worry about perception. Media cover is mostly to blame. But they will not dither. With control of Congress, Harris and Pelosi will push the farthest left agenda into law like s**t through a goose.

This brings me to my headline.

If you did not yet read Ian’s piece from this morning, please do.

The 19 states who were told by the federal government that they didn’t have standing (to challenge fraudulent election results) should return the favor, and stop recognizing the government-chartered by the Constitution as having standing to interfere in their affairs.

State’s have rights. More rights than the Federal government. Rights acknowledged before the ratification of the Current Constitution or as since amended. A gauntlet that Democrat Governors recognize when Republicans are running things but disparage when it’s their turn.

Where stands New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu?

The Sununu’s are swamp rats by nature. Their ties to DC money and power are old and long. When DC speaks, they listen. Will they listen now?

New Hampshire is basically the Federal Government’s bitch. We rely on significant amounts of laundered money to make the budget work. They are, for lack of a better term, our sugar daddy.

Daddy is about to launch a major left-wing offensive against liberty, rights, and that constitution.  We have one of our own, but to date, swamp rats cannot be relied on to defend either of them. So, what’s it going to be?

Green New Deal, Open Borders, losing jobs to China and Mexico, more and higher taxes, economic slowdown, Ascendant Iran, Net Neutrality, suppression of rights, massive growth in regulatory overreach, more massive omnibus spending bills and more multi-generational debt, oppressive anti-gun laws, a stuffed Supreme Court, and all of the things the Far-Left wants, crammed down on the states and the people, as fast as the can manage it.

Without any regard to the constraints place don power by the Consitituion.

When the dust settled, and the Biden Harris administration takes up residence, will Gov. Sununu grow a spine or kiss the ring?