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The Independent Redistricting Commission Bill (SB 80) is Racist


THIS is the link to the full bill.

I would like to draw your attention to this provision:

662-B:6  Redistricting Criteria.

I.  The commission shall establish single or multi-member districts for the New Hampshire county commissions, house of representatives, and single member districts for the New Hampshire senate, executive council, and United States representative, using the following criteria as set forth in the following order of priority:

(a)  …

(e)  Commissioners shall consider the integrity of communities of interest to the extent practicable.  For purposes of this section a community of interest is defined as an area with recognized similarities of interests, including but not limited to economic, social, cultural, geographic, racial, ethnic, or historic identities.  Communities of interest shall not include common relationships with political parties or political candidates.

In other words, the Commission is REQUIRED (“shall” is mandatory) to consider the voter’s race … and to draw districts that group people by race (“consider the integrity of”).

This requirement reflects the Left’s belief that African-Americans should have “similarities of interests”. To put it more bluntly … the Left’s belief that there is an African-American way of thinking … which is determined by rich, white liberals. A recent example is Andru Volinsky’s shameful antics on the Executive Council:

Notice that Volisky did not say that Terrell had the wrong opinions … he said that Terrell was uniformed. This is a variation on Joe Biden’s “you ain’t Black” to Blacks who are even so much as considering voting for Donald Trump.

For Volinsky to have said that Terrell had the wrong opinions about education would have at least acknowledged that Blacks can legitimately hold different views on public policy. To say instead … as Volinsky did … that Terrell is uninformed about education is to say that Blacks are incapable of thinking for themselves and that Terrell holds dangerous policy views that Blacks should not be exposed to, let alone hold.

In other words, what Volinsky is saying is that there is a Black way of thinking … that rich, white limousine liberals like Volinsky are the ones who get to determine what that way of thinking is … and that Blacks who don’t think that way aren’t exercising free choice – no, they’re just uniformed, ignorant, and incapable of grasping the complexities of public policy the same way that Volinsky and his rich, white progressive friends can.

Note that SB 80 goes on to say that there should be no race or language (obviously referring to Spanish) “favoritism”:


(b)  Districts shall not have the intent or the effect of unduly favoring or disfavoring any racial or language group.

But to paraphrase the Princess Bride … that word does not mean what you think it means. The Left does not mean ignoring race and ethnicity by the phrase “not unduly favoring or disfavoring any racial or language group.”

Rather, what the Left means is that districts should be drawn so as to guarantee a proportional percentage of the districts are “African-American districts” or “Hispanic districts” … for example, if African-Americans are 10% of the population, then districts should be drawn so that 10% of the districts are majority African-American voters.

In other words, “not under favoring or disfavoring” actually means drawing voting districts based on a racial/ethnic spoils system.  If you want to see institutional or systemic racism … then look no further than SB 80.