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Pence Will Not Challenge Biden Electors – Mitch McConnell Won’t Either

Mike Pence

The big news of the moment is that Vice President Pence has said he will not challenge the Biden electors. He does not believe the founders intended the Vice President to exercise such a power. I don’t think the Founders expected election fraud on this scale but, okay.

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“I do not believe that the Founders of our country intended to invest the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted …”


VP Pence admits that people have a right to question the integrity and see any evidence. That free and fair elections are essential. And he is committed to ensuring they receive a fair hearing in the joint session of congress. He does feel he should be able to accept or reject any electoral votes unilaterally.

He seems to have staked out a public position of neutrality. Whether he did so knowing he did not need to expend political capital for a desired outcome, he knew or expected is not yet clear.

And what of Senate Majority Leader Cocaine Mitch?

Meanwhile, a source familiar with Wednesday’s vote told Fox News McConnell plans to be one of the first speakers to object to initial challenges by colleagues in his own party, driving home the importance of certifying the votes — which have been approved by all 50 states — and ensuring a peaceful transfer of power.

What does it mean? Not a lot. Mitch has said he has no issue with anyone challenging electors of making the case to send them back to the states, and that will still happen. The session’s point is to air out the evidence, though how thoroughly that is managed is also not yet clear.

And what it all means is that we’re still waiting to see what happens. Maybe Speaker Pelosi will tell everyone the bathrooms are flooding, and y’all have to leave, and tomorrow she’ll declare her son Paul President.

At this point, anything is possible and not possible if you take my meaning.