Pelosi's Latest Impeachment Scheme - Loyalty Test or Vendetta? - Granite Grok

Pelosi’s Latest Impeachment Scheme – Loyalty Test or Vendetta?

Pelosi Twin Fridge ice Cream Tone Deaf

Nancy ‘Two-Fridge’ Pelosi will bring fresh impeachment charges against President Trump on the Floor of the US House today. Biden will be Inaugurated before the Senate can take it up so, why bother?

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Narratives must be shored up. Cairns set to mark the way through the new history. And maybe it’s a loyalty test.

Not for Democrats. The comrades can be counted on to toe the line. No, this test could be for re-elected Republicans.

More than a few rats have jumped from Trump’s ship in the last few days but not enough. Madame Speaker might want to get a gut check. Test their mettle. See who would rather nibble on crumbs from the Democrat’s table than get caught carrying a candle for the Trump prosperity.

Set a good example of “justice” under a Democrat-run government.

Hasty accusations, quicker show trials, followed by a guilty verdict.

Mouseketeer roll call count off now!

Or, perhaps not. Every vote is a purity test, so that the loyalty test theory might be a convenient construction of my mind. Pelosi may want to say that this Trump fella is the only President in history to be impeached twice.

Okay, but he is going to live to tell the tale.

How does that hurt him and not make you look petty and impotent? Pelosi has the answer. Their vengeance will pursue citizen Trump, his family, and his supporters to the ends of the earth.

This, from the left, is what they mean by unity.