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NH GOP – Belknap County Republicans. This Ought to Be Interesting.


I’ve had a few phone calls over the last couple of days. Seems like they want GraniteGrok to cover the election of the Officers for the Belknap County Republican Committee.

After all the delegates were already elected by their town voters (or ran for either the House or Senate in the primaries), and they have already chosen their allotments (per county or town committee) who their State Committee member will be (from the NH GOP ByLaws):

(1)  Composition:  The State Committee shall comprise the members of the County and City Committees selected pursuant to Article V of these bylaws.


A. Elected State Committee Members: As provided by State Statutes (RSA 661:10, RSA 667:22), each County and recognized City shall have a County and City Committee comprised of the number of members apportioned to it by the State Convention of the Republican Party, and the members of each County Committee shall be elected by the Party nominees and delegates from each County and City to the State Convention as provided by such statute. Members so elected shall be designated as members of the State Committee, with voting privileges. These members of the State Committee shall also serve as members of their local committees and elect the officers of the County or City Committee.

It seems that there may or might be a kerfuffle over this last point – WHO gets to vote for the BCRC officials (e.g., Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, et al).

As it has been more than bantered about on this site it isn’t who votes that counts, it is who counts the votes.

The first set of voting, for State Committee members, the delegates voted electronically with the NH GOP HQ tallying the votes – with “poll watchers” present (hey, this is politics after all, and what can be more partisan than a Political Party regardless of the letters of the alphabet used to designate the Party).

This time, the electronic voting will still happen but with no poll watchers. So along with the bolded part above (“…elect the officers of the County…”), I’m sensing a bit of trust (or lack thereof) going on.

Now, I have NO idea what is going on – I haven’t been active in NH GOP or County level activities for years. I don’t know who the players are, who goes to the meetings, or the current political cliques that might exist. Just ask Alan Glassman, he can vouch for this factoid. So I guess I’m being seen as some neutral observer in all this.

That’s fine – I play a partisan here on GraniteGrok but I’ve learned that my Engineer side can easily compartmentalize what is going to. And folks have learned that I can keep my mouth zipped when asked.

I’d also like to think that since we at GraniteGrok are always Consistent, that’s played into it (you know, my meme of “Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes” except it’s without the Vote part for me – but it is for this Party’s function, I guess). So, I’m being trusted.

But I’ve been asked, because of the lack of ability to have poll watchers I guess, to show up and cover the BCRC Officer voting in some secret underground bunker – still don’t know where it is – later on tonite. “Bring cameras” – OK, that I can do. Can also blog it in real-time.

Who knows – maybe I’ll see some old friends there from many years gone by…