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Club for Growth Ad: Jen Horn/Lincoln Project is Just Another Democrat Front Group

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We might not otherwise care about the Lincoln Project, but professional TransDemocrat Jennifer Horn (presenting as a Democrat but registered as a Republican) is part of their cabal. I guess she needs the money. Working for what is, essentially, a Democrat Front Group, but then who else would have her?

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She was doing that sort of work as the State Republican Party Chair. Democrats and Democrat politics heavily influenced even the Republican legislative majorities we managed under her tenure. Any real victories were the result of a few Grassroots activists and a core group of our liberty-minded Republican faithful at the General Court.

And now the Club for Growth is going after these “embittered former GOP Grifters” (of which JHo is one) with a new Ad, “exposing The Lincoln Project as nothing more than a Democratic front group.”

“The Lincoln Project has nothing to do with principle, and everything to do with lining the pockets of failed consultants by attacking conservatives,” said Club for Growth Action President, David McIntosh. “While the group is the darling of the liberal media, the fact is that it’s a Democrat front group and one of the least efficient ways for anti-Trumpers to spend their political dollars.”

Jen Horn’s descent into Liberal madness is a big “Told you so” from the Grok Crew. When she first ran for NHGOP Chair, we came out in opposition. The ‘Lincoln Project’ republicans of the day came out in her defense. Some of the biggest RINO’s ever to earn the name. They got nasty, but we never backed down. They managed to get her elected to the gig, but that only proved us right again and again.

Even (at least), one of her sons is a left-wing tool bag.

And now this. She’s a marquee fool doing the Democrats work, advancing an anti-American agenda through her support of doddering ass-hat (Joe Biden) who also happens to be a crooked Left-Wing, serial sex assaulter, and professional do-nothing politician. A guy who used his political connections to make himself and his family wealthy but little else.

So, I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing. That Jennifer Horn has endorsed Joe Biden or that the dopes in the Lincoln Project think Jen Horn adds legitimacy to their endeavor.

Here’s the ad.

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