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Idaho ISP Blocks Facebook and Twitter After Customers Complain

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Is turnabout fair play? Facebook, Twitter, and others have been de-platforming users so how about an ISP de-platforming Facebook and Twitter from their Internet Service?

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The ISP explained that because there are too many customers asking for the sites to be blocked, it will be blocking Facebook and Twitter for all customers unless they reach out to the company to request access.

“There are too many people that have called for us to do one [customer] at a time so we will be blocking [Facebook and Twitter] and any other website that may also be censoring,” the email reads.

Customers who would like to request access can do that, and they will get their censorious Zuckerbergian fix upon request.

Like cigarettes behind the counter and liquor behind the bar.

Sure, if you have a mobile carrier you can still get that on your phone but if you want it at home, you have to ask.

It all seems a bit of a bother to me and I’m generally opposed to this sort of thing but it’s almost too damn funny to feel bad about any of it. And I confess that it would be amusing as hell if more ISP’s did it to apply pressure to Facebook and Twitter to stop the Bulls**t.

If enough eyeballs were blocked it could begin to put a tiny dent in their bottom line. Seeing as these are publicly owned enterprises, the stockholders might have something to say about all that.

Twitter Stock, by the way, dropped over five dollars per share (10%) after deleting the Presidents account. It’s currently down about 6%. So there’s some there -there if you catch my meaning.