Facebook Is Flagging The Lord's Prayer as False Information to Tell You It's Not Doing That - Granite Grok

Facebook Is Flagging The Lord’s Prayer as False Information to Tell You It’s Not Doing That


Facebook sucks. They use word and image search defaults that erroneously flag status updates as false or misleading. You then get dinged for their incompetence. Take The Lord’s Prayer. If you post it, Facebook flags it as false information. If you check ‘See Why,’ it tells you Facebook is not doing what it just did.

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Here’s the Status update flagged by Facebook.

Lords Paryer FB - False Information1


Here’s the reason why they said it was false information.

Facebook - why this is false information because were not flagging this as false information


The original status update includes nothing about Facebook banning the Lord’s Prayer. It’s just the Lord’s prayer. But stupid facebook assumes it is about that and adds their third-party fake check to prove themselves…wrong.

All because Facebook’s algorithm operates with extreme prejudice and complete disregard for details and context.

Facebook’s got one thing right. They did not ban “it,” but they still flagged the user for false information. If that happens often enough, Facebook will use that as an excuse to ban the user.