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The Lincoln Project – Convincing More Americans to Vote for Trump

The Lincoln Project

I’m not sure if the Lincoln Project is helping Democrats commit mail fraud (a felony) or election rigging (a felony), but if their goal was to get fewer Americans to vote for Donald Trump they failed miserably.

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These Never Trump former Republicans had one job: Get Trump out of the White House and beat all close-race Republicans seeking reelection to the Senate. Instead, so far 6 million more people have voted for Trump in 2020 than voted for him in 2016. Trump garnered 63 million votes four years ago, and after all Rick Wilson’s whining and moaning, Trump is up to nearly 69 million today — and the votes are still rolling in. According to exit polls, 93 percent of Republican voters supported Trump in this election, up 3 percentage points from 2016 data from the same firm.

If political power and an anti-Republican agenda is what the Lincoln Project was going for, they must have been disappointed to learn, huddled in their Utah bunker, that even if Biden wins the election — third time’s the charm — he can enjoy spinning around in his Oval Office chair for the next 1,460 days while Mitch McConnell joyously kills his hopes and dreams in the Senate, and Republicans keep picking up House seats.


Not exactly the Bidentopia for which they were hoping. And they may not even get Biden. The scope of the fraud being committed is so over-the-top as to be an embarrassment even to Democrats.

I spoke with one last week who – when the subject rose its ugly head – didn’t want to talk about it. He was clearly avoiding having to answer for the unanswerable, and you could see it on his face.

He still wants Biden to win but not like this.

He’s not alone, but they are not an outspoken lot. Subject to the same intimidation and abuses heaped on other minority groups like moderate-Muslims, pro-choice Democrats, and lesbian feminists who don’t want men peeing next to them in the ladies’ room.

And Lincoln Project loons.

If Biden doesn’t win, where do they go? Republicans don’t want them. And If Biden does win, they can probably write a book no one will read or get a job on CNN or MSNBC being the token Republican ‘consultant’ on a panel of folks with closets full of Che Shirts.

A rewarding job as the token, a prop. The diversity hire. They’ll let you talk but only to backstop their point or to make your so-called party look bad.

In other words, you are the Lincoln Project. Another victim class whose usefulness ends when they have what they want. And if they don’t get it, you are of no use at all.