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Maskless NH Republican Organization Day Problem Solved: Photoshop in Tables and a Waitress

Berch Pic from Facebook rant

Covidism’s high clerics are in high dudgeon. Speaker Hinch died with COVID (at the very least), so it has to be the Republican’s fault. Since masks and mask mandates have shown no ability to stop the spread of anything but maskholes, I beg to differ, but let’s pretend they work the way the faithful claim.

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Following the directives of Pope Fauci (from their religious capital at the CDC) unmasked people, outdoor, six feet apart, are good.

If they want to be closer, they need any size dinner table between them and a waitress. Bar top, booth seat, any size or shape will do!

I’m not sure what magic Rona blocking properties arise from the addition of a table and waitstaff, but those are the rules. Masked waitstaff is not at risk from unmasked patrons, but remove the tables and the covid snowflakes melt.

So what does this mean? Nothing.

Every graph of mask mandates and case counts I’ve seen suggests that these mandates make the supposed problem worse.

Here’s but one example.

Fl vs lockdown states

No-Mandate Florida has fewer cases than places with mandates if cases matter, and they matter to Covidists.

Following the CDC guidelines matters to them too.

So, if Republicans at organization day were pictured sitting at tables talking to a waiter or waitress and each other, this would all mean nothing. Which is to say, it still means nothing.

Face coverings are no more or less of a deterrent to the spread of SARS CoV2 than tables or waitresses. These are all just affectations. And Dick Hinch knew his own health, the risks, and made his own choices.

As I noted on Twitter after a troll suggested this post didn’t age well, aged just fine.

There is still zero evidence based on the actual documented outcomes (even after the imposition of fascist policies) that they do anything but cause more harm by other means.

There is still no connection between more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

As for Dick Hinch, he chose to live how he chose to live, knowing the risks. My troll suggested that this wasn’t good enough. That he (we) put other lives at risk when we don’t follow the pointless do-nothing mandates. But how can that be unless they also chose not to wear a mask and distance around him or us? If you follow the protocol, it makes no difference what I do.

And if you add that table and a waitress, well, everything should be just fine.