Let me amplify what Steve said for the Stupid Party that fails to listen to its own base - Granite Grok

Let me amplify what Steve said for the Stupid Party that fails to listen to its own base

upside down GOP logoScott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Walt Haverstein; remember them?

Sometimes, Steve buries the really good stuff at the bottom of his posts – let me haul a good nibblet from his latest post up from the deep (emphasis mine):

So, after Gov. Sununu signs HB1319, which we hear he has promised the local actors for the DC special interest that he intends to do, don’t be surprised when the Republican base and NH Trump voters (most of whom are probably independents) tell Republicans up and down the ticket to go to hell.

Don’t be surprised because you asked, were warned that this would happen, and you ignored the warnings anyway.

At a meeting that nobody went to because it never existed, he and his minions were warned by a number of the extremely influential “influencers” (who weren’t there because there was no meeting) that in no uncertain terms that this WAS a hill THEY were willing to die against.  He and his minions were warned – DON’T!  These were some of the most vocal, respected, and Trusted voices on the Right here in NH.  Has he, and his “Smartest Political People In The Room” minions,

thought about what their message will be to THEIR followers, NON-STOP, from here until the general election?  Because he and his minions think that riding the PC train for a small, teeny-tiny segment of a swath of the electorate that wouldn’t vote for him anyways is FAR better than pissing off all these influencers and all the conservative and faith-based people that listen to THEM and not to politicians with stump speeches?

Stupid Party, indeed.

Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Walt Haverstein; remember them?  Well, perhaps just the latter who has faded into political oblivion after getting soundly beaten – in no small part that he ticked off the Liberty wing of the party by refusing to apologize for a smear that our own Mike discovered as he was speaking to a bunch of folks in Maryland. It’s not like we didn’t give him a chance – several times I asked him to do so along with other several handfuls of people who did like him but knew he was committing political Hari-Kiri. None of us pulled the lever for him and the resulting vote tallies proved it after GraniteGrok (and other Liberty influencers) reminded our readers about it over and over and over and over again.

Scott Brown was for gun restrictions while in Massachusetts but against them when he moved to NH – the perfect carpetbagger scenario.  Worse, he placed his voting record on a high, high pillar and told everyone around him how bi-partisan he was in the Senate.  Yeah, continuing to slide your vote to the Democrat agenda start from 40% to a 60% rate by the end of your thankfully short term was a real winner.  And GraniteGrok kept reminding our loyal readers, who are great influencers in their own right (along with the Second Amendment Gun groups here in NH) about it over and over and over and over again.

Ditto Kelly Ayotte.  She started out Pretty good – even though we were for Ovide Lamontagne, we thought she did pretty well her first year and we told her such at an event.  Then she went UniParty swamp as well and couldn’t even be bothered to show up at events; the running joke was “who is going to read Her Letter?”; aside from her worsening voting record, why show up for someone that couldn’t be bothered to show up for us?  We reminded the base (you know, the one that the Stupid Party ignores until they need our votes) of it all over and over and over and over again.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Republican candidates have to win 50%+1 to win.  For us to defeat a bad candidate (with respect to the GOP Platform and the Constitutions as written), we only have to change 0.5% – 1.0% of a given district. We have a proven track record of doing exactly that. Don’t doubt us.

Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, Walt Haverstein; remember them? I hope Sununu listens.  He doesn’t have to give any credit to the folks that would drag him over the finish line; we didn’t get any from his Dad, Papa Smurf, when we did so back in the TEA Party heyday.  Not a whit.  Now his son has a problem in what his Dad and the GOP in general did afterward – they joined in with the Dems in demonizing us.  Votes, they craved but a seat at the table was verboten (just ask all of us that voted for Jack Kimball to the NH GOP Chair what happened afterward. And Pretty Kelly and JHo’s involvement in it).

We remember. We don’t forget.  Yeah, the “sins of the father…” would play a role but the majority will be on his shoulders alone.  No, we won’t forget on this, either.  And remember, I’m not a Republican so don’t bother with the usual nonsense.  You want my vote?  EARN it just like any other product or service offered in the marketplace and don’t tell me that analogy doesn’t apply.  Given how little is left of the value of being a Citizen given how the Progressives have stripped most value from it and given it to illegals, and that the GOP has failed to protect it (and often, gone along willingly), my vote is about the most precious thing I have as a Citizen.

I won’t throw my good money on a bad product – I refuse to spend my even more precious Vote on someone that promotes legislation that hurts me and helps the Democrat Agenda.  Ain’t gonna do it.

And I’ll keep talking about it over and over and over and over again.