The Gilford School Board Turned the Whole System Upside Down For a single Trans Student. UPDATE: Who Just Moved out of Town - Granite Grok

The Gilford School Board Turned the Whole System Upside Down For a single Trans Student. UPDATE: Who Just Moved out of Town


UPDATE and BUMPED from Sept 6, 2019: The two parents that decided that their first-grader was no longer he but she and proceeded to turn the school system into a hot mess so they could be pleasantly pleased heaping their personal wokeness on everyone else have vamoosed out of town. Good riddance.

Not only is their bug-ridden outlook towards many of us now gone (“you run a hate site!!!,” the sperm donor screamed at me during a School Board meeting because the Right of Free Speech trumps his notion’s of his boy’s sexuality that would force coerced naming and pronouns onto people who just wanted to be left alone) but their ramshackle home has been cleaned up and painted. It was a eyesore in the middle of the Historical Zone (why the Historical Commission ever let them get away with what they did – or rather, didn’t do -) is beyond me).

I’m guessing that they didn’t like that they were blamed for causing great division in town when they made themselves the focus in town. I think they wanted to have their cake and eat it, too. They didn’t expect that their parenting style and forcing others to just accept their sexuality-viewpoints was going to end up angering a lot of folks.

Their only come-backs were the standard “haters” and “uneducated” epithets became the norm because they had no other talking points to hurl at folks that said “we get to have our beliefs honored as well”.

And that’s the point – demanding that everyone else not just tolerate, not just accept, but actively affirm your wokeness is getting old

Ditto BLM – enough of this “Silence is violence” and “if you aren’t actively (to whoever’s “standards”) anti-racist, you’re still a racist” nitwittery has become a drag. Constantly hectoring everyone about your believes has given you the credibility of some of the info-mercial hucksters on late night TV. Unfortunately, there’s always a “WAIT, there’s MORE!”-ness about the SJWs that is just tiresome. While I do write about what I believe, I’m not punching anyone out or screaming spittle into someone else’s face about it. You can read GraniteGrok or not – your decision and I haven’t the slightest motivation to demand that you read us (I’d like you to but I wouldn’t FORCE you to ) but these SJWs wish to take your choice away from you – and isn’t that the whole point of totalitarianism?

Glad to see them go – let the be someone else’s problem children.


Well, that didn’t take long. SB263, the bill that now allows guys to hang out in the girls’ room and locker room (and vice versa) was signed by Gov. Sununu.  It hasn’t even come into force yet (not until later on this month as it doesn’t go “live” until later on this month). But the Gilford School Board decided to jump the gun (or as I said in the video below: “popped the clutch and stalled the engine“).

They created a new policy for that one student, and everything gets scrambled in the rest of the District.  That’s three schools (Elementary, Middle, and High School) and about 1,000 students.  A protected class of one student/one family now has more rights than the others.

Here is the letter that went out from the Gilford School District Superintendent, Kirk Beitler rolling out the new  (emphasis mine):

From: “Kirk Beitler” <>
Date: August 30, 2019 at 1:03:10 PM EDT
To: <redacted>
Subject: Superintendent communication

Notification from: Gilford School District-ADMIN

August 2019

Dear Gilford and Gilmanton Parents and Guardians,

On July 18, 2019, Governor Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill 263 (link), relative to anti-discrimination protection for students in public schools, into law. In compliance with this new law, all men’s & women’s bathrooms & locker rooms at SAU 73 schools will be transgender & gender nonconforming-inclusive

Get that?  InclusiveExcept for those students that don’t want to be exposed to someone of the other sex undressing in front of them.  Or them getting undressed in front of someone who may just be interested in watching. Just another twisting of the common language to mean something it doesn’t.  It doesn’t include those that believe their privacy should outweigh this action shoved down upon them.  It doesn’t include those that are now “uncomfortable” in going to the bathroom feeling that they will be at risk.  Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen – just look at what happened at Target.

That’s not “inclusive”, it actually is Exclusive – the same it seems to be in all aspects of the Left trying to control the Culture.  In each and every instance, their claim to inclusivity is needful to create exclusivity – generally to the detriment of Conservatives (who are then painted as extremists for not groveling to their moral preening).

At the age of pre-puberty onward through High School, I know that I would not have wanted to undress for gym or the pool with a girl in the room.  I never even THOUGHT of trying to sneak in to watch the girls. Ditto the other way.  The assault on traditional American values continues to be remade in their own image.

This absolutely kills any idea that Society values Modesty as a core principle. Another brick removed from “the Wall” that is Society. In my eyes, this is akin to the Broken Window philosophy in law enforcement but in reverse. And the Left is perfectly fine with getting this “old-fashioned notion” pounded into dust.

And by its willingness to be “inclusive” and bowing to the Tyranny of the Minority, the Gilford School Board just told 99.9% of its students that THEIR morality is no longer validTHE GOVERNMENT will now set the standard of morality that you WILL follow.  Not the Morality of your religious beliefs (e.g., does “Freedom of Expression” ring a bell anyone?) – and certainly not that of your parents.

THEY DON’T COUNT – only Government’s.

With this policy, which was publicly noted and the meeting held on this rushed policy late in August, just told PARENTS THAT HOW YOU ARE BRINGING UP YOUR CHILDREN IS OF NO ACCOUNT – “WE have your children – they are ours and not yours”.

The Gilford School Board simply caved instead of fighting back. They decided to be complicit.

And with a most curious lack of history or sense of irony:

…Additionally, there are single-user restrooms in all of our schools that are available for use by all students, staff, and visitors.

At Gilford High School there are three single-user restrooms throughout the school. There are two single-user bathrooms in the performing arts hallway outside of the chorus room and there is one single-user bathroom in the gymnasium lobby.

In Gilford Middle School there are five single-user restrooms located throughout the school. There is one outside of the cafeteria, two on the 5th and 6th grade floor, and two on the 7th and 8th grade floor.

At Gilford Elementary School, there are four single-user restrooms throughout the school.  There is one outside the copier room near room 666, there is one outside room 683 (third floor), there is one inside office 655 and one inside office 653.

At each school, the nurse’s office has a single-user restroom that all students & staff may use as well.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kirk Beitler

This whole movement, if you wish to label it as such, started when a liberal judge decided that a trans student was being discriminated against by a school system by simply providing other facilities – like a single-user restroom.  Just like Super. Kirk Beitler just enumerated.

So, is the Gilford School Board NOW willing to discriminate against straight students by essentially doing the same that was “done” to that first transgender student:

“See, we have these places for you whereby the rest of the school can see that you’re a bigot and “not with the program” and we’re not going to protect you at all”.


Would a judge possible see that this official view, especially for those of faith and modesty, who now can’t use the locker room of their sex?  How about the “free association” clause of the First Amendment – in which also the opposite is true?

…Additionally, there are single-user restrooms in all of our schools that are available for use by all students, staff, and visitors.

And what if the visitors wish to use the bathrooms of their choice – even in the Elementary School?

I will post the video of the meeting later as I have gone long. Again.