Candace Owens Wins Legal Fight With Lying Facebook Fact Checker PolitiFact - Granite Grok

Candace Owens Wins Legal Fight With Lying Facebook Fact Checker PolitiFact


Facebook plays it just like Elected Dems. Politicians offload responsibility to bureaucrats then feign innocence if something goes sideways. Facebook gives third-party fact-checkers censorship carte-blanch but claims no responsibility for their antics.

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Besides, if it’s the third-party goons who are mugging your content, Facebook can’t be a publisher.

Put another way, PolitiFact, USA Today (and our favorite) LeadStories are Facebook’s brown shirts. They beat up dissenters, destroy users, pages, or groups’ reach by reporting them for false content.

“There are no pictures of der Fuehrer on these premises! Make examples of those inside!”

Facebook looks out from the Reichstag headquarters in Menlo Park, an evil grinchy smile breaking from the corner of their mouths, and say, you have been naughty, you must be punished. But it wasn’t us.

And even though we aren’t, page owners are responsible for other people’s content. You will be punished for that as well.

Candace Owens is fighting back. We reported on her efforts in early November when she announced her crusade, and it looks like she’s drawn first blood.

Fact-checkers flagged her status update about how Joe Biden was not the president-elect even though the media kept calling him that. PolitiFact declared her remarks false.

She sent lawyers because they were lying, and she was not.

Owens is just getting started. According to this report, she has outstanding suits on similar grounds against USAToday and Lead Stories,

Owens wants the censorship stopped for the millions of Americans sharing opinions or information against the one accepted narrative from the Left. If she wins her legal case, she said, she could set the precedent for a massive class-action lawsuit against Facebook from others who’ve allegedly been censored.

We’ve got hard evidence that partisan tools like LeadStories make up stories (one example) then lead people to believe you lied when they lied.

We’ll be happy to join that class-action.

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