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Twitter CEO Says Mea Culpa … Hunter Biden Story

Twitter CEO says mea culpa

The Twitter CEO Says Mea Culpa over censorship. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey admits the company was wrong to censor NY Post Hunter Biden story. How do you like that? Dorsey in testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee admits the error. It was wrong for Twitter to censor the NY Post story…

The story uncovers corruption pertaining to both Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden. However, the censorship damage is done. The story came out before the election. The censorship blocked it from the electorate. Dorsey and Big Tech know they have the power to determine what information we should and should not have access to and when.

Do you need Big Tech censoring your information? Are you concerned they have demonstrated they have the ability to do it? What else have they not allowed us to know about? How condescending is this mentality? Why are we granting Big Tech a governmentally sponsored monopoly? Is this what you voted for?

What you need to know… and when you need to know it

We held and election with a large proportion of the electorate not knowing anything about the scandal. To heck with who they supported, we all have a right to know. If someone running for president is demonstrably corrupt that is important whether or not it changes our vote.

Twitter effectively interfered with the 2020 Election. Now, after the election, Jack Dorsey is saying “oopsie” he admits “my bad.” But that is both too little and too late.  The damage is done. The bell cannot be unrung. The Twitter CEO Says Mea Culpa over censorship but the damage is done. Worse they understood exactly what they were doing before they did it.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook also gave testimony. Zuckerberg reveals Facebook can and does track users. Facebook tracks its users even when they are not on the platform. Did you know that? Did you understand it is a requirement of their terms and conditions of use?

Sen. Ted Cruz laid into the social media companies. He left his harshest criticisms for Twitter. Oh, and did you hear Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisor wants another lockdown? Plus, Michigan’s largest county fails to certify its election results… and then does. What a freaking mess. You cannot make this stuff up.