"Seven New Hampshire Republican Lawmakers Announce Resolution to Investigate Impeachment of Republican Governor Christopher T. Sununu" - Granite Grok

“Seven New Hampshire Republican Lawmakers Announce Resolution to Investigate Impeachment of Republican Governor Christopher T. Sununu”

Emperors New Clothes

It sounds like the NH House Freedom Caucus is going to make itself known again. Frankly, I think that the Democrat Leadership, Shurtleff in the House and Soucy in the Senate, abdicated their positions.

It’s their responsibility to rotect the citizens of NH against the Executive Branch assuming Powers it does not have Constitutionally and that rightly belong to the Legislature. In this, they have only followed what DC has done decade. They did NOT “jealously” guard their own power. Yielded it up to the Executive Branch and its unelected, unassailable, and unaccountable bureaucrats.

But then, of course, all that said Executive(s) are acting beyond their Constitutional mandates in attempts to have it both ways. A game of chicken in which they already decided to lose and call themselves victu….oh wait – you actually have to SAY something to pull on the mantle of victimhood.

And finally, the rank and file in the Legislature are rising up to take their Powers back:

Emphasis mine:

Contact: Michael Sylvia, 603.707.8594, Mike@MikeSylvia.org

CONCORD, NH Seven New Hampshire Republican lawmakers announce a resolution to investigate the impeachment of Republican Governor Christopher T. Sununu for unconstitutional acts as governor during handling of Coronavirus pandemic and for eroding the constitutional republic form of government.

“This move was not taken lightly,” said Representative Andrew Prout (R-Hudson.) “We must restore our government to its Constitutional roots – with checks and balances – where the legislature writes the laws and the Executive Branch implements them.

As in “When did mere ‘guidelines’ become more than actual Law”?

“While Speaker Shurtleff and Democrat Leader Doug Ley abdicated their legislative duties forcing Sununu’s hand,” added Rep. Melissa Blasek (R-Merrimack.) “The GOP caucus stands ready and willing to work with him within the confines of the Constitution. We can’t have our Governor acting as a King.”

Even if one elected as King every two years – that’s not how it works. At all. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t take a whack NH Senate President Donna Soucy (D) (for at least the next 9 days) at the same time.

“In March, House members urged Sununu to work with us to find a path that didn’t unnecessarily cripple businesses and families. He failed to listen then, and he still isn’t listening now,” said Rep. Scott Wallace (R-Danville.) “The people elected us to be their voices in government, and we’re listening to them. We hear their voices loud and clear.”

“There have been several attempts to rein in the governor,” added Rep. Kevin Verville (R- Deerfield.) “The Democrats tried lawsuits to no avail. In June we tried to pass a resolution limiting the emergency powers and failed. This, unfortunately, is the only path remaining.”

“It is a sad day for New Hampshire that we must consider this motion, but it must be done. We have an obligation to the New Hampshire Constitution,” Rep. David Binford (R-Bath) said. “Our governor has gone too far, for too long, with these emergency powers.”

“For us to stand by and do-nothing would be complicity in the undermining of our government,” added Rep. Michael Sylvia (R-Belmont.) “I was not elected to stand by while our Constitution is shredded before our eyes.”

“Over the past eight months, the governor has repeatedly bypassed the legislature and acted unilaterally with executive power,” Rep. Josh Yokela (R-Fremont) said. “He has acted outside the Constitution, which requires the powers granted to him by the legislature be limited and only used in circumstances expressly provided for.”

I’m betting that NH Speaker-to-be Dick Hinch along with his staff are having an absolute cow right now over this. Thus far, most Republicans have become that sort of Republican that I can’t stand – a “Republican’s Republican for the sake of the Republican Party”. I wish to God’s ear that the same ardor they show to “Republican WINNING!” would have been (and will be going forward) to that in following the precepts of the NH Constitution. We have a form and outline of Government for a reason – unless that Constitution is changed, it is a form of treason to ignore and act outside of it – and I’ve made no bones that I’m against not following the applicable Constitution over the years so don’t even BEGIN to say otherwise.

I and the other GraniteGrok writers and commenters appreciate when Sununu has acted correctly within the confines of the NH Constitution and the Conservative planks of the NH GOP. Sadly, not everyone does so on that level of policy. Sure, we bring the snark to the political table – that’s the fun part of blogging and it can get rather sharp at times – as well it should as it gets peoples’ attention. That said, it is ALWAYS for a reason and ALWAYS for a purpose.

Court jesters did have an amusing part of their schtick – they made people giggle. They also had a serious side in pricking big balloons of the King – they were allowed to say much that the commoners and courtiers alike were not.

There certainly are some ideological differences between the wings of the NH GOP. For me, I am glad to see that there is a contingent that is willing to play the role of pointing out “the Emperor’s New Clothes”.

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