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Not About the Election – Well, It Is, Sort of, if Biden Wins

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The left’s plans for the ruination of our nation are vast and will come quickly if they succeed in stealing this election. Every bat-s**t-crazy left-wing idea will be on the table and then in our faces. There are many we can discuss but few are as destructive as this.

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The Green New Deal is an economic disaster. The Left’s push for wind and solar is an environmental nightmare as well. They are bad for us, animals, and the earth.

We’ve dropped hundreds if not thousands of articles on the subject but Prager U has boiled that all down into this short video you should watch and share.

Most Americans are not as informed as our readers on the risks and dangers of wind and solar (and batter dependency) or the damage it does and will do. They hear the fluffy PR about green this or that, none of which is true.

At this point in time, this technology cannot deliver on any of its advocate’s promises with significant downsides. This short video covers all of that in just a few minutes.