Nashua Board of Health to Consider COVID Curfew in Gate City Tomorrow - Granite Grok

Nashua Board of Health to Consider COVID Curfew in Gate City Tomorrow

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It’s the latest thing; the new hotness, Hashtag-Curfew, is trending with tyrants all across America. Because as it turns out, the ‘Rona is worse at night, and you are less likely to get it if they order you to stay home after a certain random time.

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Nashua Board of Health Meeting on Curfew


Tomorrow morning you can Zoom with the Nashua Board of Health and other domestic terror organizers to consider a further erosion of your rights and those of business owners whom Nashua loves to punish.

Job creators, already struggling to stay afloat, are forced to interrogate their customers and deny them access to their goods or services if they have no mask and no signed note from their doctor.

Now, more than likely, should the ‘meeting’ produce the political will for actionable legislation – I’m guessing they already have that, and this meeting is a just theater – some businesses will be told to close early while others will not. That’s been the trend.

But it might be broader. The Public Health Fascism is strong in the Queen City. A place that, despite mask mandates for months and all sorts of political styling, has had a huge spike in cases. Masks don’t do anything the advocates claim, and cases don’t really mean anything unless you are looking for an excuse to suppress people’s movements, rights, and liberties.

Then it is an opportunity to suppress liberty. And they will because residents have not kicked these bums out of office.

Once again, The Nashua Board of Health has a public meeting to discuss a policy they all want and will enact immediately after their pretend-transparency. Objectors will be patted on the head like ignorant children no matter what data, facts, or science they present because it’s not theirs.

If you have the time and the stomach for it, please join in and send us a synopsis.

Yes: I put Manchester’s nickname in place of Nashua’s. That has been corrected.