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Government Covid Inquisitors Are Going To Ask Your Kids If They Traveled For Thanksgiving

If you were thinking about violating Thanksgiving restrictions, the state of Vermont expects you to think twice. They have announced plans to interrogate parents and students next Monday. Did you travel for Thanksgiving?

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The only correct answer is no.

Calvin Cutler of WCAX asked if it’s realistic to expect that enough people will tell the truth. “I’m just hopeful they will, for the good of everyone,” Scott said. “In the anticipation of that question, maybe you [listening Vermonters] ought to cancel some of the plans you have made.”

There’s nothing subtle about that.

Not only are we kneecapping your liberties, but we are also intimidating you into staying cowed. Someone from the government will be asking. You better have your story straight.

Happy Holiday, and yes, it gets worse. “Gov. Scott said businesses will be urged to ask employees the same question. Again, if the answer is yes, they will be asked to quarantine.”

They are all in on public health tyranny, lead by Governor Scott.

“There are some who want to do the right thing but don’t see the risk of having lunch with a friend…or having people over for dinner,” Scott said. “Even your trusted friends and households are at much greater risk and may not even know they have the virus.”

For the young, healthy and unconcerned, Scott advised: your actions could hurt others. “You never know when you’re going to be the domino who causes a nursing home outbreak or leads an entire school to go to remote learning.”

The risk.

If you limit yourself to news from the Government or State Radio or TV, then you are walking around under the pall of intimidation and fear. It’s domestic terrorism. Your every day has been turned upside down. The routine is out the window. Spontaneous anything is a challenge, poses a threat, there’s a risk.

Islamofascists engage in threats and intimidation to force you out of your happy free world and into one where death looms around every corner.

And for good measure, the psychological terrorists running the State government intend to interrogate you and your children. Your employer will put you to the question.

You will obey.

What you need to say is no. No, I won’t.