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Free Book: The RINO Virus

With the New Hampshire House, Senate, Executive Council, and Monarchy in the hands of nominal Republicans, it’s time to start putting pressure on our representatives to avoid blowing this opportunity, the way they blew a similar opportunity in 2016.

Toward that end, I invite you to read a little book that I’ve put together.  (By ‘little’, I mean about a dozen pages long. I could read the whole thing aloud to you in about ten minutes.)  And if you agree with it, to send copies to your GOP representatives in Concord.

I recently heard that a prominent GOP state representative started reading it, but quit halfway through because it struck him as ‘a libertarian handbook’.

This is fascinating, because if one were to summarize the book in a single sentence, it would be:  What would happen if Republicans started acting like a political party, and took seriously the statement that has been at the heart of their own party platform, essentially unchanged, since 1854?

If Republican leaders are looking at their own platform and concluding that it’s too libertarian… Well, that tells you something important right there.


The RINO Virus