DISQUS Doodlings - Who talks like this: "Silencing the majority. Silencing Democracy" - Granite Grok

DISQUS Doodlings – Who talks like this: “Silencing the majority. Silencing Democracy”

Electoral College

That would be a Progressive / Democrat on Ken’s “BOOM!!!! BREAKING NEWS!: Pennsylvania Judge Rules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” post in which PA Judge Patricia A. McCullough ruled that the PA election decisions are to be stopped right now. Well, of course that is not sitting well from folks on Left and one, a lady named Theryl McCoy decided to weigh in on this.  Now, while I give her props in entering what she probably sees as the lions’ den (wonder if she gets that Biblical reference?)…

You can argue a technicality, but the reality stands. More people voted for Biden than Trump. The message of the people is to remove the Trump administration. If you want to silence the majority then do so at your own risk, and think about what you are doing. Silencing the majority. Silencing Democracy.

…I decided that she needed to have a bit more information pumped into her. Most Leftists do as they rarely know the basic fundamentals of how their own Government system works and ever rarely, want to know. Democrat talking points and Progressive mantras – yep, she was tanked up.

I don’t think anyone here is arguing about who got more votes. The underlying concern is WHO voted and WHO voted Legally?

The “majority of people” is of little concern when voting for President – this Republic (and not a “Democracy” – we only use democratic processes to support our Republic) uses a 50 State process to elect a President by a majority of Electoral College votes.

And your claim of “Silencing” is utterly silly – and rejected. If you are a legal citizen voting only once, you’ve not been silenced. All others attempting to vote when they shouldn’t be SHOULD be Silenced.

Go back to Civics class.

It’s the Hillary and Stacey Abrams wail – “I WON THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTES!!!” (except Abrams didn’t in her run for GA Gov but she has yet to concede years later – either has Hillary).

Really: Silencing the majority. Silencing Democracy. What kind of person talks this way?  A Liberal, of course (I looked at her DISQUS history – true Blue down the line). Really – this is just too easy but it seems, more and more especially as the next college cohort is hatched out of their indoctrination pods, they have no clue. They have little for a Civics background, education, knowledgebase but yet they believe their phrases “speak truth to Power” aimed at us have any impact at all. And they have NO idea of how dangerous Direct Democracy would be.

And if Trump truly was the Fascist Dictator they’ve been calling him for the last four years – she would have been silenced long ago. In fact, all of them would be. No, I’m not wishing that on anyone but unlike them, I’ve studied history – that’s what happens in totalitarian governments. We aren’t that – yet. But if those running Government continue to issue law after law, regulation after regulation, then we will.

All those phrases are supposed to do is to stifle Speech. They are aimed to shutting down any kind of debate. They are supposed to be the “last words”.

Don’t let them get away with it. MAKE SURE that YOU know how everything works, jot and tittle, in detail – and then level them. Go all Karate Kid – “no mercy”. They give no quarter, hand them their quartered butts in multiple slings.

As of yet, Theryl has yet to respond; I doubt she will even on such a simple point of knowledge under discussion. There are those that will and that’s fine – keep the debate going. Point out their empty knowledgebase and every twisting of what you know to be wrong. Be not afraid.

And when you show them they are wrong because they don’t know what they are talking about, smile. You put in the homework and you got to use it. And even if you lose in the Arena of Ideas, learn from it – where are my weaknesses and go buttress them for the next time.