Biden Unity Speech Won't Age Well After Trump Wins - Granite Grok

Biden Unity Speech Won’t Age Well After Trump Wins

Portland riots 3

A rabid Liberal in the town of Hollis has erected a large lighted peace sign in her field. Just in time for the call to unity. After four years of being egged, attacked, implicated, accused, threatened, doxxed, and assaulted, they want Republicans to believe they want peace. No, they don’t.

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The progressive project is impossible without violence. Look at Chicago, LA, and New York. Cities up to their eyeballs in Leftism for decades. The most violent places in the country. If you removed that crime data from the US total, America is one of the most peaceful places on the planet.

The economic socialism and political Marxism they crave is impossible without intimidation, force, and violence.

Democrats destroy everything they touch. So, whether it’s the hack in Hollis or the presumptuous Biden and his media homonculi, peace is impossible. And we know this to be true. The Left has an enemies list targeting anyone who worked for, aided, abetted, or funded Trump.

The never-Trumpers are open to embracing this well. With the election results still suspect and changes of outcome likely, the Lincoln Project is aping the unity message while doxxing the lawyers trying to ensure transparency and stop fraud.

A process that we’ve suggested will lead to a Trump victory. At which point, these calls for unity will not age well. Actually, they won’t age well if Trump doesn’t win.

There is no Peace whether Democrats rule or not but without Democrats you at least have the freedom to defend yourself from attacks.

That’s why Democrats want to get rid of it so badly.

Here’s Greg Gutfeld on The Five with a bit of analysis.