Biden Couldn't Find Someone That Actually Walks The Talk? - Granite Grok

Biden Couldn’t Find Someone That Actually Walks The Talk?

John Kerry magic hat

So, by Biden appointing Kerry (failed Presidential candidate, blowhard Senator, rich because of his second wife’s first husband’s hard work, and silly Secretary of State), is just yet another Democrat “showtime” – yet another fine for me but not for thee?

Yes, John Kerry and his magic hat (and yes, you have to be of a certain age to remember the reference).


John Kerry hypocritical Climate Czar

It always seems that Glenn Reynolds’ saying about the Climate Crisis from our betters is evergreen:

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those telling me that ACT like it is.

Yeah, a shining example…the problem is that this seems to be normal behavior by the elite Democrats on climate change rather than blaming it on Dementia…

Oh, not only is Climate Change for we little people, remember how Kerry made it abundantly clear that paying taxes is ALSO for little people. Oh, this is gonna be a long 4 years and we have YEARS of content on Kerry…