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Politics is for Congress not SCOTUS

Biden admits his court packing position

Judge Barrett is beginning to look too clean for the usual attacks. The Socialists masquerading as Democrats’ have tried slinging mud to negligible effect. All they are doing is making themselves appear mean, hate-filled, and petty.

Now these political hacks seem to be shifting to plan B. They can’t attack Barrett’s judicial qualifications. There is no personal dirt. The next tactic appears to be a frontal assault on the political consequences of her nomination. It ought to be as entertaining as it is wrong-headed.

The Socialists masquerading as Democrats are giving up any pretense of principled opposition. The betting in Vegas is they have no principles. (Odds 99:1) They now admit they oppose judges like Barrett for one reason. They fear judges who do the job as written in the constitution would rein in their ability to legislate as they please. You see, the Socialists do not wish to be constrained by the U.S. Constitution.

They’ve been pretending to attack Republican nominees since at least 1987. Back then, under a Biden chairmanship of Senate Judiciary, we witnessed the demolition of Robert Bork’s nomination. It was the first partisan, personal attack of its kind. The viciousness of the assault on him made the judge’s name a verb.

The Socialists masquerading as Democrats claimed he would resegregate America. They leaked his video rental records. They used any means necessary to sink the nomination. It is always about power. The ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky was proud.

Borking history

Four years later, Biden’s committee tried to “Bork” Clarence Thomas’s nomination. They used lurid stories about pubic hairs on a Coke can. Then Democrats filibustered Miguel Estrada’s circuit court nomination. Their fear? It laid the groundwork for him to become the first Latino Supreme Court justice. Is that racist? You be the judge.

Most recently, they and their media allies spent weeks airing high school stories about Justice Kavanaugh. They dug up decades-old allegations, no one can corroborate. The more preposterous the better. It was as baseless and scurrilous as it was mean, hate-filled, and petty. But it was Democrats doing it. That made it okay as far as the media was concerned.

This time around, the smears aren’t sticking. At last week’s presidential debate, Biden said he opposed Barrett. It isn’t because of her qualifications though. No, instead it is because she would hasten the overturn of Obamacare. So Biden presumes his lack of integrity and ethics can be projected onto Judge Barrett. Nothing could be further from the truth. He also assumes a Justice Barrett would be a fifth or sixth vote against Roe.

Senate Socialists masquerading as Democrats have followed suit. Sen. Blumenthal refuses to meet with Barrett. Bigot which he is, he thinks she will “decimate health care.” Sen. Hirono objects explicitly to Barrett’s “closely held views that will impact a woman’s right to choose.” Hirono is saying women are not capable of holding personal beliefs while remaining faithful to their duty to the law and the constitution. It’s a pretty breathtaking display of sexist bigotry. Politics is for Congress not SCOTUS.

The reason why

Biden and his Senate colleagues are admitting what is common knowledge. They see the Supreme Court as just another venue for the exercise of progressive power. They fear any judge who will not legislate from the bench. Their claims about fitness and character were always a pretext for accomplishing political ends.

There is no reason to care about bluster and threats to pack the Court. President Trump has sent the Senate a nominee. She is a devoted constitutionalist. Judge Barrett has a first-rate legal mind. The senate should confirm her. They should do so now.

It is a mark of just how dirty Senate Socialists masquerading as Democrats have been playing over the past four years. They and their allies have had almost no criticism for their treatment of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. That is remarkable all by itself.

These despicable political operatives have been floating allegations intended to sully her religious faith. They have been attacking her fellowship from an unreliable and erratic source.  The political operatives are boosting charges from America’s preeminent race huckster. They assert her adoption of two children from Haiti is racist.

All of the assertions are despicable, horrible and false. Politics is for Congress not SCOTUS. Confirmation of a judicial nominee should be about their knowledge of the law and their judicial temperament. Can they make the hard decision required by the constitution and the law even if their personal preference might be different? Judge Barrett can.